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 Building & Construction    Building Machinery   International exhibition for Construction Machinery
Trade Public once a year

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April 07 - 10, 2016  > in  Bucharest (Romania - Europe)  > Romexpo
on April 2017 (?)  > in  Bucharest (Romania - Europe)  > Romexpo
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Venue for CONSTRUCT EXPO UTILAJE: Romexpo (Bucharest) Romexpo
65-67 Marasti Blvd.
71331 Bucharest
 +40 (21) 224 31 60
 +40 (21) 224 04 00
Romexpo (Bucharest) - Web Site E-mail
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65-67, Marasti Blvd.
P.O.Box: 32-3
71331 Bucharest
 +40 (21) 224 31 60
 +40 (21) 224 04 00
Romexpo - Web Site E-mail

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