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5 Trade Shows from Smithers Rapra
Exhibition Name Cycle Venue Date
TRACTION SUMMITTraction Summit will connect you with leaders from the tire, rubber, ink, carbon black and feedstock industries for a comprehensive look at the latest marketplace developments once a year Charlotte, NC (USA) 07/26/2022
2 days
PIGMENT AND COLOR SCIENCE FORUMForum covering market trends, intellectual property matters and new advances in plastics, cosmetics, paints & coatings, multifunctional pigments, industrial design, paper & printing inks, consumer electronics and automotive applications once a year ? (World) Sept. 2022 (?)
TIO2 WORLD SUMMITSummit dedicated to the industrial pigments and colorants sectors and titanium dioxide supply chain once a year ? (USA) Sept. 2022 (?)
SILICONE ELASTOMERS WORLD SUMMITSilicone Elastomers World Summit will bring together manufacturers, processors, end-users, designers and researchers for a summit-style technical discussion of silicone elastomer materials, global markets, processing advancements and novel applications once a year ? (Europe) Nov. 2022 (?)
TPE - THERMOPLASTIC ELASTOMERS WORLD SUMMITThis International Conference concentrates on new Opportunities for Thermoplastic Elastomers and will be especially of use to those involved in any way with the Thermoplastics Industry once a year ? (Europe) Nov. 2022 (?)
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