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 Packaging    Food Processing Industries    Catering & Hospitality Industries    Arboriculture - Horticulture   Trade Show for the Colombian and Latin American Food Products industry, in terms of Processed Foods, Horticulture and Fruit Farming, Beverages, Machinery, Equipment, Packaging, Technology and Services
Trade Publicevery 2 years

Next Dates
June 08 - 11, 2016 > in  Bogotá (Colombia - America)  > Corferias - Centro de Convenciones
Please note ! All dates are subject to changes. Contact organizers for more information before making arrangements.

Venue for ALIMENTEC: Corferias - Centro de Convenciones (Bogotá)Corferias - Centro de Convenciones
Carrera 37 No 24
67 Bogotá
 +57 (1) 3810000/30
Corferias - Centro de Convenciones (Bogotá) - Web Site E-mail
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All events from the organizer of ALIMENTECCorferias
Carrera 40 No 22C 67
 +571 3810000
 +571 4285551
Corferias - (in spanish) Web Site E-mail

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