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 Surface Treatment Technologies - Coatings    Adhesion, Paints & Coating Technologies    Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance   International Exhibition of Paint & Powder Coatings, Industrial Cleaning and Corrosion Control Industries control
Trade Public once a year

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on May 2016 (?)  > in  ? (Mexico - America)
on May 2017 (?)  > in  ? (Mexico - America)
Please note ! All dates are subject to changes. Contact organizers for more information before making arrangements.

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Tzenzontles No. 560
Col. San Jemo
Monterey, NL 64630
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  Surface Treatment Technologies - Coatings       Surface Treatment Technologies - Coatings    
  Adhesion, Paints & Coating Technologies       Adhesion, Paints & Coating Technologies    
  Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance       Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance    


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