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2019 - 2020


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18 Trade Shows in Chile
Exhibition Name Cycle Venue Date
EXPO HOSPITALInternational Exhibition of Technologies, Products and Service for Hospitals and Clinics every 2 years Santiago Espacio Riesco 08/27/2019
3 days
SEGURIDAD EXPOInternational Exhibition on Comprehensive Security unknown Santiago Espacio Riesco 08/27/2019
3 days
FRUITTRADEChilean Business Round Table - Fruits & Vegetables for Export once a year Santiago Casa Piedra 10/01/2019
2 days
EDIFICAInternational Exhibition of Machinery, Materials and Construction Systems every 2 years Santiago Espacio Riesco 10/02/2019
4 days
EXPO ANDESSouth America's Mountain Professionals Summit every 2 years Santiago Centro Eventos Puente Verde 10/16/2019
3 days
ACCESS MBA - SANTIAGOACCESS MBA is a communication campaign specifically designed to better inform prospective students of existing MBA opportunities. ACCESS MBA is a series of events organised around the world twice a year Santiago Intercontinental Santiago 10/29/2019
1 day
ISES SOLAR WORLD CONGRESSISES (International Solar Energy Society) World Congress every 2 years Santiago Parque Araucano 11/04/2019
4 days
SAGO FISURAgricultural & Livestock Industry Trade Show once a year Osorno 11/14/2019
4 days
HALAL EXPO LATINO AMERICANAChilean Trade Fair for halal products once a year Santiago Intercontinental Santiago 11/17/2019
2 days
EXPOCORMAForestry, Pulp and Paper Industry International Exhibition every 2 years Concepción 11/20/2019
3 days
FIDAEInternational Air Show every 2 years Santiago Aeropuerto Internacional Arturo Merino Benítez 03/31/2020
6 days
INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION LATIN AMERICA EXPO ROADSHOW - SANTIAGOInternational Student Fairs twice a year Santiago W Hotel Santiago April 2020 (?)
EXPOVIVIENDAChilean Real Estate Exhibition once a year Santiago Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho 04/17/2020
3 days
EXPOMINWorld Exhibition and Congress for Latin American Mining Industry every 2 years Santiago Espacio Riesco 04/20/2020
5 days
ELECGASExpo dedicated to the Domestic Energy Development and its Challenges once a year Santiago Hotel Cumbres Vitacura May 2020 (?)
AQUA SURInternational Aquaculture exhibition, the largest of southern hemisphere every 2 years Puerto Montt Calle de servicio 200 10/21/2020
4 days
EXPONAVALInternational Naval & Maritime Exhibition and Congress for Latin America every 2 years Valparaiso Base Aeronaval Viña del Mar Dec. 2020 (?)
EXPONOR CHILEInternational Exhibition for Latin America Mining every 2 years Antofagasta Recinto Ferial y de Actividades Comunitarias AIA May 2021 (?)
Be aware that all dates are subject to changes. Please contact the organizer before making any arrangement.
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