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14 Trade Shows in Germany in August 2021
Exhibition Name Cycle Venue Date
LEBENSART MESSE - DESSAU-ROßLAUGarden, Home and Lifestyle Fair once a year Dessau-Roßlau Dessau-Roßlau Stadtpark 08/06/2021
3 days
LEBENSART MESSE - BRANDEBURGGarden, Home and Lifestyle Fair once a year Brandenburg an der Havel Marienberg 08/13/2021
3 days
PFERD MAZTraditional horse show and show jumping event once a year Gülzow-Prüzen Messe- und Ausstellungszentrum Mühlengeez 08/13/2021
6 days
INTERNATIONALE RASSEHUNDE-AUSSTELLUNG - LUDWIGSHAFENInternational Pedigree Dog Exhibition once a year Ludwigshafen 08/14/2021
2 days
MEIN HUND - BAD LIEBENZELLDog Show. MEIN HUND - BAD LIEBENZELL presents club and services for dogs, pet grooming salons, pet care services, dog food and chew toys once a year Bad Liebenzell Kurpark 08/15/2021
1 day
LEBENSART MESSE - SCHKOPAUGarden, Home and Lifestyle Fair once a year Schkopau Schlosspark Schkopau 08/20/2021
3 days
GAMESCOMThe world's largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games and entertainment once a year Cologne Exhibition Centre Cologne 08/25/2021
5 days
EUROCHEVALEuropean Horse Fair. South Germany´s largest trade fair for horse breeders, horse owners and riders every 2 years Offenburg Messe Offenburg 08/26/2021
4 days
CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORFInternational Motor Homes and Caravans Exhibition once a year Dusseldorf Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre 08/27/2021
10 days
KREATIV HAMBURG!Big sales event for the creative craft. Anyone who likes to do handicrafts, knits, sews, embroiders, designs jewelery, is on the Kreativ Hamburg once a year Hamburg MesseHalle Hamburg-Schnelsen 08/27/2021
3 days
GALLERY SHOESInternational Trade Show for Shoes and Accessories twice a year Dusseldorf Areal Böhler Aug. 2021 (?)
INNATEXInternational Fair for Natural and Organic Textiles twice a year Hofheim Ardek Center Rhein Main Aug. 2021 (?)
INTERNATIONALE RASSEHUNDE-AUSSTELLUNG - BREMENInternational Pedigree Dog Exhibition once a year Leipzig Aug. 2021 (?)
WÄSCHE UND MEHRDessous, Underwear, Beach Fashion and Home-Wear Order Days twice a year Dortmund Exhibition Centre Westfallenhalle Dortmund Aug. 2021 (?)
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