Akron, OH

Trade Shows in Akron, OH
2019 - 2020

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Venues in Akron, OH

Emidio and Sons Expo Center(1) John S. Knight Center Akron(1)
2 Trade Shows in Akron, OH
Exhibition Name Cycle Venue Date
STAMP & SCRAPBOOK EXPO AKRONArt & Craft fair in Akron, OH. STAMP & SCRAPBOOK EXPO AKRON features craft show, craft shopping, paper craft, clay modelling, abstract arts, Art & Craft workshop, craft tools, creative ideas and crafts for kids once a year John S. Knight Center Akron Oct. 2019 (?)
HERITAGE GUN SHOW CUYAHOGASelf Defense Weapon Fair. HERITAGE GUN SHOW CUYAHOGA showcases shooting rifles, custom knife & swords, sharpening tools, hunting accesory, collectors firearm, gun magazine, security alarm, ammo, Military Book, holsters and Camouflage related Merchandise twice a year Emidio and Sons Expo Center Dec. 2019 (?)
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