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2024 - 2025

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Songdo Convensia(11)
11 Trade Shows in Incheon
Exhibition Name Cycle Venue Date
WORKBOAT KOREAThe only exhibition specialized in maritime and safety equipment held in the metropolitan area every 2 years Songdo Convensia 06/19/2024
3 days
FISHING KOREA INCHEONFishing Industry Exhibition in South Korea. Facilities, Supplies and Services for Fishing & Camping once a year Songdo Convensia 08/30/2024
3 days
KPCASHOW / KIEPSHOWKPCAshow (International Electronics Circuits Show) + KIEPshow (International Electronics Packaging Show) once a year Songdo Convensia 09/04/2024
3 days
K-COP - KOREA POLICE WORLD EXPOB2B platform that presents the latest trends on high-tech security industry and the global security industry once a year Songdo Convensia Oct. 2024 (?)
K-BEAUTY & COSMETIC SHOWAn exhibition that meets B2B & B2C needs at the same time, strengthening targeting business by increasing brand awareness and organizing special pavilions for the korean growing global beauty market once a year Songdo Convensia Nov. 2024 (?)
K-HAIR SALONA korean hair-specialized exhibition covering not only hair styles but also scalp care once a year Songdo Convensia Nov. 2024 (?)
COBE BABY FAIR - INCHEONKorean Exhibition for maternity, parenting and education. Pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting information for mothers-to-be, fathers, and new parents once a year Songdo Convensia Feb. 2025 (?)
CHEMLAB KOREAInternational Chemical and Bio Industrial Equipment Expo. Professional B2B exhibition specializing in research and production equipment, measurement and analyzer for innovation in fine chemical, bio & pharmaceutical fields once a year Songdo Convensia 03/26/2025
3 days
COATING KOREAInternational Coating Adhesive and Fil. Industry Exhibition. This exhibition is essential for all manufacturing industries such as automotive, electronic/semiconductor, display, energy and heavy industry once a year Songdo Convensia 03/26/2025
3 days
SURTECH KOREAInternational Hi-Tech Surface & Painting Expo. Only exhibition specializing in the surface treatment and painting industry, for the high-value added industry’s finishing technology and advanced manufacturing processes once a year Songdo Convensia 03/26/2025
3 days
KOREA OCEAN EXPOKorea International Shipbuilding Expo & Conference. Shipbuilding Equipment & Technologies, Ship Engines & Parts, Shipyard, Marine Equipment, Eco-Friendly Ship Equipement, Navigation, Communication Device, Safety, Rescue... once a year Songdo Convensia June 2025 (?)
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