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2021 - 2022

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Hancock County Fairgrounds(1) Indiana Convention Center(6) Indiana State Fairgrounds(5) Indianapolis Marriott East(1) Marion County Fairgrounds(1)
15 Trade Shows in Indianapolis, IN
Exhibition Name Cycle Venue Date
GREENFIELD GUNS & KNIFE SHOWArms & Ammunition Fair. GREENFIELD GUNS & KNIFE SHOW presents automatic firearms, combat knife & swords, shotguns, fishing gears, antique & Classic pistols, cartridges, hunting accessories, gun cases & safes, self protection weapons and hi-tech optics 5 times a year Hancock County Fairgrounds 10/17/2020
2 days
INDIANAPOLIS GUNS & KNIFE SHOWSelf-defense Weapon Fair. INDIANAPOLIS GUNS & KNIFE SHOW showcases shotguns, handguns, hunting rifle, combat knife and swords, collector & antique guns, Indian artifacts, muzzle load, hi-tech optics, safety equipment, holsters, war relics and gun parts 6 times a year Marion County Fairgrounds 12/19/2020
2 days
INDIANAPOLIS HOME SHOWIndianapolis Home Show. Innovative Products and Hundreds of Experts all Under One Roof once a year Indiana State Fairgrounds 01/22/2021
10 days
INDIANA HOME AND GARDEN SHOWIndiana Home and Garden Show once a year Indiana Convention Center 02/19/2021
3 days
INDIANA MOTORCYCLE EXPOExhibition of Motorcycles once a year Indiana State Fairgrounds 02/19/2021
3 days
INDIANAPOLIS BOAT, SPORT, AND TRAVEL SHOWTravel Industry, Sports and Boat Show once a year Indiana State Fairgrounds 02/19/2021
10 days
INDIANA DEER, TURKEY, & WATERFOWL EXPOHunting fair once a year Indiana State Fairgrounds 02/25/2021
4 days
FDIC - FIRE DEPARTMENTS INSTRUCTORS CONFERENCEFire Departments Instructors Conference. With the largest gathering of decision-makers, trainers and experts – as well as manufacturers and suppliers, FDIC serves as a spearhead for networking & relationship development once a year Indiana Convention Center 04/19/2021
6 days
INCONJUNCTIONScience fiction & fantasy event in Indianapolis. INCOJUNCTION features masquerade party, sci-fi or space arts, literary art, game library, animated short films, horror movies, science fiction works and merchandise from artists, authors & musicians once a year Indianapolis Marriott East 07/02/2021
3 days
INDY POP CONINDY POP CON features comics, gaming, cosplay, animation film and video games, podcasting, literary arts, horror & sci-fi movies, contemporary music, themed merchandise, comet screening, eSports, toys, dance workshop once a year Indiana Convention Center 07/09/2021
3 days
RDH UNDER ONE ROOFDental Suregery Expo & Conference. RDH Under One Roof will attract more than 1, 000 dental hygienists from across the country to an information-packed three-day event presented by RDH magazine once a year Indiana Convention Center 07/22/2021
3 days
CEDIA EXPOInternational Residential Electronic Systems Industry Expo. CEDIA EXPO is a leading tradeshow in the residential electronic systems industry which serves every home technology professional once a year ? 09/01/2021
3 days
INDIANAPOLIS FALL BOAT & RV SHOWBoat & RV Show once a year Indiana State Fairgrounds Sept. 2021 (?)
PERFORMANCE RACING INDUSTRY SHOWTrade Show for Hardcore Auto Racing Products. PERFORMANCE RACING INDUSTRY SHOW is a trip to Indianapolis and an experience the absolute latest in performance technology and products all under one roof once a year Indiana Convention Center Dec. 2021 (?)
THE WORK TRUCK SHOWInternational Trade Show for the Work Truck Industry once a year Indiana Convention Center March 2022 (?)
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