Trade Shows in Irkutsk
2022 - 2023

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14 Trade Shows in Irkutsk
Exhibition Name Cycle Venue Date
HUNTING. FISHING. RECREATIONSpecialised exhibition in the field of hunting, fishing, recreation once a year Sibexpocentre 05/26/2022
4 days
GARDENING. COUNTRY-HOUSETrade show of new products of fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and berries, specifically for Siberian conditions once a year Sibexpocentre Aug. 2022 (?)
SIBWOODEXPOInternational exhibition of equipment, technologies, materials and production of logging industry, woodworking industry, furniture industry and wood house-building industry once a year Sibexpocentre Sept. 2022 (?)
HOLY RUSSIA - IRKUTSKChurch Architecture, Construction & Restoration, Book-Printing, Church Utensils, Religion Education once a year Sibexpocentre 09/02/2022
7 days
AGRICULTURAL WEEKSiberian Agricultural Week once a year Sibexpocentre Oct. 2022 (?)
SIBERIAN HEALTHCARE. DENTISTRYSpecialised exhibition of medical and dental techniques, equipment, technologies, pharmaceuticals, medical science and practical healthcare once a year Sibexpocentre Oct. 2022 (?)
BAIKAL JEWELRY SALONBaikal Jewelry Salon is the only jewelry exhibition in the Baikal region, which brings together the best manufacturers of the jewelry industry in one place once a year Sibexpocentre Nov. 2022 (?)
BAIKALTOURAn unique business platform for industry professionals' meetings in anticipation of the tourist season at Lake Baikal once a year Sibexpocentre Nov. 2022 (?)
INDUSTRY OF BEAUTYSpecialised exhibition of beauty products and services. Relevant trends in clothes, hairstyles, manicure, make-up once a year Sibexpocentre Nov. 2022 (?)
WORLD OF STYLE AND BEAUTYSpecialized Exhibition of Goods and Services for Beauty once a year Sibexpocentre Nov. 2022 (?)
COMFORTABLE HOUSE. NEW YEAR'S GIFT FAIRThis exhibition will help to choose gifts, home decorations, festive services, apparel and accessories and many other things once a year Sibexpocentre Dec. 2022 (?)
ENERGY EFFICIENCY. HOUSING AND PUBLIC UTILITIESExhibition of technologies and equipment for energy industry, electrical equipment, energy-saving technologies once a year Sibexpocentre April 2023 (?)
SIBERIAN FOOD PRODUCTS PACKING & EQUIPMENTInternational exhibition for the promotion of food and drinks products, raw materials, equipment and technologies for its production, packaging, commercial equipment once a year Sibexpocentre April 2023 (?)
TRANSPORT AND ROADS OF SIBERIA - SPECIAL EQUIPMENTSpecialised exhibition of road-building complex, transport and machinery once a year Sibexpocentre April 2023 (?)
Please note ! All dates are subject to changes. Contact organizers for more information before making arrangements.
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