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2023 - 2024

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Exhibition centre Shuvar(1) Lviv Palace of Arts(5) Palace of Sport 'Spartak'(1) Pivdennyy-Expo(2)
9 Trade Shows in Lviv
Exhibition Name Cycle Venue Date
DENTAL-UKRAINEStomatological Equipment and Tools. Stomatological Expenditures and Medicines. Modern Technologies in Dentistry once a year Lviv Palace of Arts 10/25/2023
3 days
WINDOWS, DOORS, ROOFWindows and Doors from PVC, Wooden and Aluminum Profile. Equipment and Supplies for Production of Windows and Doors. Fittings and Accessories. Roofing and Hydro Insulating Materials. Frame and Panel Building. Roof and Facades once a year Pivdennyy-Expo March 2024 (?)
BUDEXPOConstruction Technologies. Construction Machinery and Tools. Construction and Decoration Materials. Electrotechnical Equipment. Architectural Projects. Sanitation. Home Repairing and Renovation. Energy-Saving Technologies and Materials. Energy-Saving twice a year Lviv Palace of Arts April 2024 (?)
GALMED - LVIV MEDICAL FORUMMedical Equipment, Instrument and Apparatus for Medical Institutions. Rehabilitation and Prosthesis Means. Pharmaceutical Medicines. Veterinary Preparations once a year Lviv Palace of Arts 05/21/2024
3 days
WOODPROCESSING UKRAINEMachinery for Forestry. Wood Processing Technologies. Instruments. Energy Saving in Wood Processing. Utilization of Wood Waste. Glues, Lacquers, Paints for Wood Protection. Joiners and other Wood Products. Furniture and Furniture Accessories once a year Palace of Sport 'Spartak' June 2024 (?)
LVIV FASHION WEEKLviv Fashion Week once a year Exhibition centre Shuvar Sept. 2024 (?)
LVIV INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY INDUSTRIESHotel and Restaurant Business Trade Show. Equipment and furniture for hotel complexes, resorts, cafes, bars and restaurants once a year Lviv Palace of Arts Oct. 2024 (?)
TOUREXPOInternational Fair-Exhibition. Tourist services, resorts, sanatoria, hotels. Equipment for hotel complexes. Goods for sports and productive leisure. Public catering establishments. Transport and insurance services. Investment projects once a year Lviv Palace of Arts Oct. 2024 (?)
EUROAGROEuroAGRO is a professional platform where domestic producers have the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements in the field of agriculture and get acquainted with the latest technologies and solutions of the European agrarian market once a year Pivdennyy-Expo Nov. 2024 (?)
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