Trade Shows in Yokohama
2019 - 2020

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Osanbashi Hall at Yokohama Port(1) Pacifico Yokohama(6)
8 Trade Shows in Yokohama
Exhibition Name Cycle Venue Date
ASIAN, MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICAN HIGH SECURITY PRINTING CONFERENCEFrom the industry for the industry - the Asian High Security Printing Conference specialises in the production, protection and issue of currency, fiduciary documents, ID cards, e-passports, visas, vehicle documents and licences once a year ? 11/25/2019
3 days
JAPAN FISHING SHOWSports Fishing Show once a year Pacifico Yokohama 01/18/2020
2 days
JAPAN GOLF FAIRJapan Golf Fair once a year Pacifico Yokohama 03/20/2020
3 days
PHOTOMASK JAPANPhoto Mask Technology Exhibition once a year Pacifico Yokohama 04/19/2020
3 days
JSAE AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPOSITIONJapan Automotive Engineers and Researchers Congress & Expo once a year Pacifico Yokohama 05/20/2020
3 days
SPIE ASTRONOMICAL INSTRUMENTATIONLatest Tools, Instruments, Devices, and Components from: Large Telescopes, Ground-Based Telescopes, Ground Instruments, Astronomy Information Technologies, Space Telescopes and Instruments, Detectors, Specialized Optics, Materials and Systems every 2 years Pacifico Yokohama 06/14/2020
6 days
GREAT JAPAN BEER FESTIVAL - YOKOHAMABeer Festival & Expo once a year Osanbashi Hall at Yokohama Port Sept. 2020 (?)
BIO JAPANPartnering Event for the global Biotechnology Industry once a year Pacifico Yokohama Oct. 2020 (?)
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