Trade Shows in Umbriafiere
2020 - 2021

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Piazza Mocada
06083 Bastia Umbra (Pg) Italy
+39 0758004005
+39 0758001389
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9 Trade Shows in Umbriafiere (Bastia Umbra)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
ESPOSIZIONE INTERNAZIONALE CANINA - UMBRIAInternational Dog Show once a year 10/03/2020
2 days
EXPO ELETTRONICA - BASTIA UMBRATrade Fair for Electronics, related Products & Co twice a year 10/31/2020
2 days
EXPO EMERGENZESafety and Risk Prevention Expo every 2 years Nov. 2020 (?)
UMBRIASPOSIWedding Show once a year Jan. 2021 (?)
UMBRIA SPOSI EXPOUmbria Wedding Fair once a year 01/23/2021
2 days
EXPO TECNOCOMExpo dedicated to the latest technologies, products & equipments related to food and beverages industry every 2 years 02/07/2021
4 days
EXPO CASA UMBRIABuilding and Decoration Fair once a year 02/27/2021
9 days
ASSISI ANTIQUARIATOAntique Fair once a year April 2021 (?)
AGRIUMBRIAAgricultural Fair once a year Sept. 2021 (?)
Prenez garde ! Toutes les dates sont sujettes à changement. Prenez contact avec l'organisateur avant d'entreprendre tout déplacement.
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