Trade Shows in China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC)
2021 - 2022

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24 Trade Shows in China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC) (Beijing)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
AIAE (ASIAN INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION EXHIBITION)Industrial Automation Exhibition. AIAE is an automation industry procurement platform including industrial producing, process energy, technologies of mechanical drivings, electrical machinery, microelectronics, computer, machine vision, process control every 2 years 06/28/2021
3 days
CIDEPIConference on the Innovative Development of the Environmental Protection Industry every 2 years 07/13/2021
3 days
CIEPECChina International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference every 2 years 07/13/2021
3 days
CHINA BEIJING INTERNATIONAL GIFTS, PREMIUM & HOUSEWARE EXHIBITIONInternational Gifts, Premium & Houseware Fair twice a year 08/13/2021
3 days
CIAACEChina's Preeminent Trade Show Specialize in Auto Aftermarket Industry twice a year 08/21/2021
3 days
CAFE SHOW CHINAChina International Cafe Show. CAFE SHOW CHINA's exhibits Coffee, Tea, Beverage & Liquor, Bakery, Wine, Icecream, Raw Material, Machine & Equipment, Chocolate, Appetizer, Dessert, Cafe Interior, Consulting, Franchise, Start up, Kitchen home Appliance... once a year 09/03/2021
3 days
CIOF - CHINA INTERNATIONAL OPTICS FAIRInternational Optics Fair once a year 09/08/2021
3 days
AIFE (ASIA INTERNATIONAL IMPORT FOOD EXPOSITION) - BEIJINGAsia (Beijing) International Food Trade Exhibition once a year Oct. 2021 (?)
ILOPEChina International Lasers, Optoelectronics and Photonics Exhibition. Lasers, Infrared Sensors and Accessories. Opto-electric Display Material and Equipment. Optical Communications Equipment. Component, Devices and Sub-Systems once a year Oct. 2021 (?)
CHINA FISHInternational Exhibition of Sport Fishing Equipment once a year 10/18/2021
3 days
CHINA INTERNATIONAL GREEN FOOD & ORGANIC FOOD EXHIBITION - BEIJINGChina International Green Food & Organic Food Exhibition once a year 10/27/2021
3 days
CIHIE - CHINA INTERNATIONAL HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY EXHIBITION - BEIJINGChina International Healthcare Industry Exhibition. CIHIE is dedicated to Healthcare & Naturopathy, Nutrition and Health Food, Natural Cosmetics and Healthcare Drinks, Sugar Free Products twice a year 10/27/2021
3 days
CIHOE BEJINGInternational High-end Health Edible Oil and Olive Oil Expo once a year 10/27/2021
3 days
SBW EXPO - BEIJINGInternational High-End Dinking water & Healthy Drinking Water Equipment Expo in China Shanghai once a year 10/27/2021
3 days
HFAIR - CHINA INTERNATIONAL NUTRITION AND HEALTH INDUSTRY EXPOExhibition dedicated to Healthcare & Naturopathy, Nutrition and Health Food, Natural Cosmetics and Healthcare Drinks. The trade show also holds a Natural Medicine Area & a Medicine Ingredient Area once a year Nov. 2021 (?)
ALPITEC CHINAInternational Trade Show for Mountain- and Winter Technologies once a year 01/13/2022
4 days
HORTIFLOREXPO - IPM CHINAInternational Plants and Flower Exhibition once a year 01/25/2022
4 days
CHINA ATTRACTIONS EXPO - BEIJINGChina Attractions Expo once a year March 2022 (?)
CHINA BEIJING INTERNATIONAL PET SUPPLIES EXHIBITION (CPSE)International Pet Industy Exhibition in China. China Beijing International Pet Supplies Exhibition (CPSE) also features Pet medical treatment, Aquarium products, Franchised outlets, Pet services, Pet owner supplies once a year March 2022 (?)
BUILD+DECORChina International Building Decorations & Building Materials Exposition once a year 03/09/2022
4 days
NGV CHINAChina International NGV and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition once a year May 2022 (?)
INTER AIRPORT CHINAInternational Exhibition for Airport Equipment, Technology and Services every 2 years 08/31/2022
3 days
CIOGE - CHINA INTERNATIONAL ORGANIC & GREEN FOOD EXPOInternational trade show for Organic & Green Food. CIOGE showcases Technology and equipments of food and beverage production, Health and organic products, Organic and green Condiments, Organic and green drinks, Organic and green food every 2 years Nov. 2022 (?)
CIENPIChina International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Industry. CIENPI gathers all industry leaders to showcase their state-of-the-art technology and innovation every 2 years April 2023 (?)
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