Trade Shows in Belgrade Fair Grounds
2023 - 2024

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34 Trade Shows in Belgrade Fair Grounds (Belgrade)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
CACIB - INTERNATIONAL DOG SHOWInternational Show of all Breeds of Dogs, Food and Equipment unknown 11/20/2022
1 day
AGRO BELGRADEAgro Belgrade is the leading trade fair and conference event for the Western Balkans & Southeastern Europe, bringing together companies in the field of fruit growing, viticulture, vegetable growing, as well as most agricultural cooperatives from Serbia once a year 01/26/2023
3 days
GOVERNMENTAL BEEKEEPING FAIRBeekeeping Fair. Beekeeping equipment manufacturers feature their accomplishments once a year 02/11/2023
2 days
HORECA EQUIPMENT FAIRInternational Fair of the Hotel and Catering Equipment once a year 02/23/2023
4 days
SAJAM TURIZMAInternational Fair of Tourism once a year 02/23/2023
4 days
WINDOSHOWTrade show dedicated to window-door-glass products and accessories manufacturers, production and processing technologies companies from Turkey and countries in the region once a year 02/23/2023
4 days
BALKAN INTERNATIONAL TEXTILE EXHIBITIONTextile, Fabrics & Textile Machinery Exhibition. Balkan International Textile Exhibition gives a chance to its privileged participants to discover the Serbian market and display their products in front of the trade buyers looking for qualified products once a year 03/02/2023
3 days
BALKAN TEKSTILEThe Textile Fair will feature 50+ companies from Turkey, China, Portugal and Serbia. This is a business event gathering textile manufacturers, importers and traders. The exhibitors will show the best machines & equipment within the textile sector once a year 03/02/2023
3 days
ALL4WOODTrade show dedicated to woodworking machinery, furniture sub-industry products and accessories manufacturers from the countries in the region and Turkey once a year 03/08/2023
4 days
FAIR OF COSMETICS - THE TOUCH OF PARISInternational Convention and Fair of Cosmetics, Solariums Equipment, Wellness, Spa and Hair care twice a year 03/11/2023
2 days
INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW - SERBIAAutomobile Industry International Exhibition once a year 03/22/2023
7 days
MOTOPASSION INTERNATIONAL MOTOCYCLE SHOWMotorcycles, Scooters, Bicycles, Spare Parts, Equipment and Accessories, Related Industry, Trade Organizations, Associations, Clubs, Media, etc. once a year 03/22/2023
8 days
NAUTIKAShips of all types, Water Sport Equipment once a year 04/06/2023
5 days
BEOPLANT FAIRInternational Horticulture Fair. Medicinal Herbs and Honey Products. Seeds, nursery plants, decorative dendrological material, fresh flowers, artifical flowers made of silk, dried flowers, equipment, devices & horticulture tools, equipment for irrigation once a year 04/24/2023
4 days
SEBE - INTERNATIONAL BUILDING TRADE FAIRResearch and designing, construction and maintenance of buildings, building construction and civil engineering, hydro construction, construction materials, structures equipping, machines, devices and equipment, adaptation, reconstruction, restoration… once a year 04/24/2023
4 days
BG CAR SHOWPassenger Cars, Car Trailers, Equipment and Accessories, Power Train, Running Gear, Chassis, Vehicle Equipment, Supporting Industry, Trade Organizations, Associations, Clubs, Media once a year May 2023 (?)
CHILDREN’S FAIR BELGRADEBelgrade Children's Fair. Garments, Shoewear, Food, Toys, Children’s Cosmetics, Furniture, Services related to Children Education, Creative Workshops, Insurance... twice a year May 2023 (?)
SAJAM TEHNIKE - INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF TECHNIQUE AND TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENTSActive and passive electronic components and modules, industrial sensors, electrical engineering - equipment and devices for production, transfer and distribution of electric power, lighting, metallic, machinery production, metal processing industry... once a year 05/16/2023
4 days
BELGRADE FUTURE GAMINGTrade Expo of worldwide manufacturers of gaming and multiplayer machines, related equipment, software, surveillance equipment, etc. once a year 05/30/2023
2 days
PARTNER – DEFENCE EXHIBITIONInternational Defense Fair is held under the auspices of Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Serbia every 2 years 06/27/2023
4 days
BALKAN TEXTILETextiles, Fabrics, Accessories & Machinery Exhibition in Serbia. BALKAN TEXTILE also features Womenswear, Menswear, Kids Wear, Knitwear, Sportswear, Denim, Swimwear & Beachwear, Lingerie & Hosiery, Evening Wear & Fashion Accessories once a year Sept. 2023 (?)
BIRO-EXPOBureau equipment and supplies (computers, printers, paper and spare parts), equipment for transfer and telecommunications, communications equipment and furniture, office supplies once a year Sept. 2023 (?)
GRAPHIMARaw materials and accessory materials for graphic industry, graphic equipment, spare parts, finished products, graphic services once a year Sept. 2023 (?)
ECOFAIRInternational Ecology Fair once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
EDUCATION AND TEACHING TOOLS FAIREducation and Teaching Tools Fair once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
ENERGETIKAInternational Energy Fair. Electric Power Production in Hydroelectric and Thermoelectric Power Plants, Cogeneration, Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Network, Electric Power System Management... once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
INTERNATIONAL BELGRADE BOOK FAIRPresentation of Domestic and Foreign Book Production, Buying and Selling of Copyrights, Records, Audio and Video media, Art Reproductions, Exhibition, Sale once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
MEDIA MARKETInformation, Communication and Marketing Fair once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
MEDIPHARM - MEDIDENTElectro medical Equipment, Laboratory Technology, Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Medical Technology, Work Outfits, Drugs, Dental Equipment, Medical equipment, Medical Vehicles, Orthopedics, Informatics once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
112 EXPOFire protection, flood, earthquake, chemical accidents management. Emergency management. Occupational Safety and Health Care every 2 years Nov. 2023 (?)
ETHO XPAHAFine Wine Presentation. All kinds of Food, Food Processing Equipment, Machines for Ready-Made Food, Packing, Wrapping and Transport once a year Nov. 2023 (?)
FURNITURE DESIGN NOWFurniture of all Kinds and for all Purposes, Complete Interior Decoration, Machines and Tools for Wood Processing once a year Nov. 2023 (?)
BELGRADE NEW YEAR’S FESTIVALBelgrade Event of fun and good shopping, traditionally organized at the end of each year once a year Dec. 2023 (?)
EXPO-ZIMWinter Sportswear and Equipment, Winter Tourism and Recreation, Exchange of Second Hand Equipment, Sale of New Equipment once a year Dec. 2023 (?)
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