Trade Shows in Bologna Exhibition Centre
2020 - 2021

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Bologna Exhibition Centre
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40128 Bologna Italy
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22 Trade Shows in Bologna Exhibition Centre (Bologna)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
MY FANTASTIC PETS - BOLOGNAPet Show unknown 11/01/2019
17 days
MARCAPrivate Label Conference and Exhibition once a year 01/15/2020
2 days
ARTE FIERAInternational Exhibition of Contemporary Art once a year 01/24/2020
3 days
FORUM PISCINEPool & Spa Expo and International Congress once a year 02/19/2020
3 days
EUDI SHOWUnderwater Sport Exhibition once a year 02/22/2020
9 days
IL MONDO CREATIVO - BOLOGNACreative Leisure and Do-it-Yourself Fair twice a year March 2020 (?)
COSMOPACKExhibition of Creative Packaging once a year 03/12/2020
4 days
COSMOPROFInternational Perfumery and Cosmetics Exhibition once a year 03/12/2020
4 days
TANEXPOExhibition of Funeral and Cemetery Articles every 2 years 03/26/2020
3 days
BOLOGNA CHILDREN'S BOOK FAIRChildren's book fair once a year 03/30/2020
4 days
FIERA DEL LIBRO PER RAGAZZIBologna International Children's Book Fair once a year 03/30/2020
4 days
EXPOSANITAInternational Exhibition of Health Services every 2 years 04/15/2020
3 days
COSMOFARMAInternational Exhibition of Products and Services for Health, Wellness and Beauty offered in the Pharmacy once a year 04/17/2020
3 days
ZOOMARK INTERNATIONALInternational Exhibition of Products and Accessories for Pets every 2 years 05/10/2020
4 days
SMAU BOLOGNAInternational Exhibition of Information & Communications Technology once a year June 2020 (?)
SANAInternational Exhibition of Natural Products - Nutrition, Health, Environment once a year 09/11/2020
4 days
CERSAIEInternational Exhibition of Ceramics for the Building Industry and bathroom Furnishings once a year 09/28/2020
5 days
SAIEInternational Building Exhibition every 2 years Oct. 2020 (?)
CHILDREN'S TOURTravel and Holiday for Tourists between 0-14 Years Old once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
H2O - ACCADUEOInternational Trade Fair Dedicated to Water Treatment Technology every 2 years 05/05/2021
3 days
AUTOPROMOTECInternational Exhibition of Equipment and Services for the Transportation Industry every 2 years 05/26/2021
5 days
PHARMINTECHInnovation Exhibition for the Pharmaceutical and Para Pharmaceutical Industries every 3 years April 2022 (?)
Be aware that all dates are subject to changes. Please contact the organizer before making any arrangement.
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