Trade Shows in Bologna Exhibition Centre
2021 - 2022

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28 Trade Shows in Bologna Exhibition Centre (Bologna)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
H2O - ACCADUEOInternational Trade Fair Dedicated to Water Treatment Technology every 2 years 05/05/2021
3 days
AUTOPROMOTECInternational Exhibition of Equipment and Services for the Transportation Industry every 2 years 05/26/2021
5 days
METEFExpo of Customized Technology for Aluminum & Innovative Metals Industry every 3 years 06/10/2021
3 days
TRATTAMENTI E FINITUREMachines, Plants and Products for Treatments and Surface Finishing (integrated in MEC-SPE) every 2 years 06/10/2021
3 days
COSMOFARMAInternational Exhibition of Products and Services for Health, Wellness and Beauty offered in the Pharmacy once a year 09/09/2021
4 days
SANAInternational Exhibition of Natural Products - Nutrition, Health, Environment once a year 09/09/2021
4 days
CERSAIEInternational Exhibition of Ceramics for the Building Industry and bathroom Furnishings once a year 09/27/2021
5 days
MOSTRA DEL DISCO - BOLOGNASecond-Hand and Collectible Records Trade Fair once a year 10/02/2021
2 days
DRONITALY - WORKING WITH DRONESDronitaly will be at the meeting between stakeholders and potential users on the most current and urgent issues, referred to the increasingly widespread use of drones in network management and environmental oversight once a year 10/06/2021
3 days
FORUM PISCINEPool & Spa Expo and International Congress once a year 10/12/2021
2 days
CHILDREN'S TOURTravel and Holiday for Tourists between 0-14 Years Old once a year Nov. 2021 (?)
IL MONDO CREATIVO - BOLOGNACreative Leisure and Do-it-Yourself Fair once a year 11/26/2021
3 days
AMBIENTE LAVOROHygiene and Security in Working Places once a year 12/01/2021
3 days
ARTE FIERAInternational Exhibition of Contemporary Art once a year 01/21/2022
3 days
EUDI SHOWUnderwater Sport Exhibition once a year 02/25/2022
3 days
LIBERAMENTELeisure Time & Outdoor Fair once a year 02/25/2022
3 days
COSMOPACKExhibition of Creative Packaging once a year 03/10/2022
5 days
COSMOPROFInternational Perfumery and Cosmetics Exhibition once a year 03/10/2022
5 days
FIERA DEL LIBRO PER RAGAZZIBologna International Children's Book Fair once a year April 2022 (?)
PHARMINTECHInnovation Exhibition for the Pharmaceutical and Para Pharmaceutical Industries every 3 years April 2022 (?)
ZOOMARK INTERNATIONALInternational Exhibition of Products and Accessories for Pets every 2 years 05/09/2022
4 days
BOLOGNA CHILDREN'S BOOK FAIRChildren's book fair once a year June 2022 (?)
CONFERENZA GNLInternational Conference & Expo dedied to promote the direct uses of liquefied natural gas in the Euro-Mediterranean area. The forum looks at the use of LNG for maritim. transport, heavy land transport, industries... in support of the energy transition once a year June 2022 (?)
HESE - HYDROGEN ENERGY SUMMIT & EXPOAn exhibition to learn about the development of technologies relating to the production, transport and storage of hydrogen. Three days of debates and conferences, technical seminars and workshops once a year June 2022 (?)
MARCAPrivate Label Conference and Exhibition once a year June 2022 (?)
SMAU BOLOGNAInternational Exhibition of Information & Communications Technology once a year June 2022 (?)
TANEXPOExhibition of Funeral and Cemetery Articles every 2 years Feb. 2023 (?)
EXPOSANITAInternational Exhibition of Health Services every 2 years April 2023 (?)
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