Trade Shows in Bratislava Exhibition Ground
2023 - 2024

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Bratislava Exhibition Ground
Viedenská cesta c. 7
852 51 Bratislava 5 Slovakia
+421 2 6727 1111
+421 2 6727 2055
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17 Trade Shows in Bratislava Exhibition Ground (Bratislava)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
CHRISTMAS DAYS BRATISLAVAConsumer Goods Fair once a year 12/01/2022
19 days
BOOK FAIR - BIBLIOTEKA PEDAGOGYInternational Book Fair once a year 12/10/2022
4 days
INTERBEAUTYInternational Exhibition of Cosmetic Products and Services. A meeting place for top professionals who present their skills in exhibition performances and competitions twice a year Feb. 2023 (?)
DANUBIUS GASTROInternational Fair for Gastronomy once a year 02/08/2023
4 days
ITF SLOVAKIA TOURInternational Travel Fair once a year 02/08/2023
4 days
BOAT SHOW BRATISLAVAInternational Boat Show once a year 03/09/2023
4 days
MOTORCYCLESInternational Exhibition of Motorcycles and Accessories once a year 03/09/2023
4 days
CONECO - RACIOENERGIAInternational Construction Fair and International Fair of Rationalisation of Energy once a year 03/22/2023
4 days
FLORA BRATISLAVAInternational Exhibition of Flowers and Gardening once a year April 2023 (?)
AUTOSALON BRATISLAVAInternational Motor Show Bratislava once a year 04/20/2023
4 days
HUNTING AND LEISUREInternational Hunting and Leisure Fair once a year May 2023 (?)
BRATISLAVA COLLECTORS DAYSInternational Collectors Fair once a year 06/02/2023
2 days
MODDOMInternational Exhibition for Furniture once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
IDEBInternational Defense Exhibition every 2 years 10/03/2023
3 days
BIBLIOTÉKAInternational Book Fair once a year Nov. 2023 (?)
MINERALS BRATISLAVAInternational Show for Minerals, Fossils, Precious Stones and Jewelry once a year Nov. 2023 (?)
PEDAGOGIKAEducation and Training Fair once a year Nov. 2023 (?)
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