Trade Shows in Romexpo
2020 - 2021

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35 Trade Shows in Romexpo (Bucharest)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
CLEANING SHOWProfessional Cleaning Exhibition in Romania. Cleaning Show attracts producers and retailers of industrial, professional and domestic cleaning equipment, sanitary hygiene tools, supplies, accessories and detergents, cleaners & dry chemicals merchants every 2 years 09/23/2020
3 days
TTR - TÂRGUL DE TURISM AL ROMÂNIEITourism National Fair twice a year 11/12/2020
4 days
TÂRGUL GHIDUL MIRESEIBucharest Bridal Fair 3 times a year 11/13/2020
3 days
DENTAInternational Exhibition of Equipment, Materials and Technologies for Dentistry twice a year 11/26/2020
3 days
ANTIQUE MARKETBucharest Antiques Fair 3 times a year 12/04/2020
3 days
CHRISTMAS GIFTS FAIRInternational Exhibition of Christmas Presents, Gifts and Souvenirs once a year 12/04/2020
3 days
FISHING & HUNTING EXPOFishing & Hunting Expo once a year Feb. 2021 (?)
ROMHOTELInternational Exhibition of Architecture, Equipment, Materials and Furniture for Hotels, Restaurants, Casinos and Communities, Tourism Equipment and Services once a year Feb. 2021 (?)
BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOWBucharest International Boat Show once a year March 2021 (?)
SOFISTICATBucharest International Cat Show twice a year March 2021 (?)
BABY BOOM SHOWExhibition of products and services for babies and families in Romania twice a year 03/25/2021
4 days
CONSTRUCT EXPOInternational fair for construction technologies, installation, equipment and materials once a year April 2021 (?)
EXPO FLOWERS & GARDENInternational exhibition for flower business, landscape design, horticulture and gardening once a year April 2021 (?)
MOBILA EXPOFurniture & Design Fair once a year April 2021 (?)
MODEXPOInternational Exhibition of Textiles, Ready-Made Clothes, Leather Goods, Furs, Footwear & Leatherwear twice a year April 2021 (?)
PET EXPO ROMANIAPets & veterinary products Expo. Pet Expo Romania is a unique opportunity in Romania for companies in the pet market to showcase products services and get in touch with a large number of potential partner companies and a huge number of target consumers once a year April 2021 (?)
ROMTHERMInternational Exhibition of Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning and Insulating Equipment once a year April 2021 (?)
AMBIENT EXPOInternational Trade Fair of Products and Systems for Interior & Outdoor Decoration, Furniture and Swimmming Pools once a year May 2021 (?)
BIO LIFE & STYLE EXPOBIO LIFE & STYLE, a fair for ecological living, is aimed at people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle once a year May 2021 (?)
EXPO FUNERAREExhibition of Funeral Products & Service once a year May 2021 (?)
ROMMEDICAInternational Exhibition of Medical Equipment and Instruments once a year May 2021 (?)
TIBCOBucharest International Fair for Consumer Goods once a year May 2021 (?)
METAL SHOWInternational exhibition for metalworking technologies, welding and robotics in Romania once a year 05/11/2021
4 days
METAL SHOW & TIBInternational Exhibition for Metalworking, Technologies and Industrial Equipment once a year 05/11/2021
4 days
BLACK SEA DEFENSE & AEROSPACEAerospace & Defense Exhibition every 2 years 05/12/2021
3 days
BIFE - SIMInternational Fair for Furniture, Wooden Products, Furniture Fittings, Interior Decorations; Forest Exploitation and Wood Processing once a year Sept. 2021 (?)
INVENTIKAInternational Show of Inventions, Scientific Research and New Technologies once a year Sept. 2021 (?)
CARNEXPOThe largest meat industry exhibition in South - Eastern Europe. CARNEXPO is the meeting point of ideas, trends and cutting-edge technology, a valuable centre of informations for the meat industry and those working in this sector every 2 years Oct. 2021 (?)
COSMETICS-BEAUTY-HAIRInternational Show for Cosmetic Products, Embellishment, Ornaments and Hairdressing once a year Oct. 2021 (?)
EXPO DRINK & WINEInternational Exhibition of Wines, Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Production Equipment once a year Oct. 2021 (?)
INDAGRAInternational Exhibition of Equipment and Products in the fields of Agriculture, animal Husbandry and Foods once a year Oct. 2021 (?)
INDAGRA FOOD & DRINKInternational exhibition of equipment and products for the food industry, once a year Oct. 2021 (?)
PACKEXPO ROMANIASoutheast European Exhibition for Packaging Industry once a year Oct. 2021 (?)
SIAB - SALONUL INTERNATIONAL DE AUTOMOBILE BUCURESTIBucharest International Motor Show every 2 years March 2022 (?)
SMAEBBucharest Show for Motorcycles, Accessories and Equipment every 2 years April 2022 (?)
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