Trade Shows in Costa Salguero Exhibition Center
2021 - 2022

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Costa Salguero Exhibition Center
Av. Costanera
Buenos Aires Argentina
+54 (11) 4808 8300
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12 Trade Shows in Costa Salguero Exhibition Center (Buenos Aires)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
AVICOLA & PORCINOSInternational Poultry & Pig Breeding Exhibition and Conference in Argentina every 2 years 03/09/2021
3 days
EMITEXInternational Trade Fair of Suppliers for the Garment Industry once a year 04/12/2021
4 days
SIMATEXInternational Textile Machinery Show every 2 years 04/12/2021
4 days
CONFEMAQClothing Machines Trade Show once a year 04/13/2021
3 days
TECNO FIDTAInternational Food Technology. Additives and Ingredients Trade Fair every 2 years 04/20/2021
4 days
FITHEP LATAMInternational Fair of Technology for the Manufacture of Ice-Creams, Bakery, Confectionery, Chocolates, Pasta and Pizza and Products for Convenience Stores every 2 years 06/07/2021
4 days
EXPOCLEANCleaning and Sanitation Business International Exhibition every 2 years 06/16/2021
3 days
EXPOSIGNInternational Exhibition on Signs and Associated Techniques every 2 years 08/05/2021
3 days
EXPO FERRETERAInternational Hardware and Tools Trade Fair every 2 years 08/25/2021
4 days
EXPO MEDICALInternational Show for Products, Equipment and Services for the Healthcare once a year 09/22/2021
3 days
ENVASEPackaging International Expo every 2 years 10/05/2021
4 days
EXPOFARMACIAPharmaceuticals Trade Fair once a year May 2022 (?)
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