Trade Shows in I.E.C. Moldexpo
2021 - 2022

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I.E.C. Moldexpo
1, Ghioceilor str.
MD-2008 Chisinau Moldova
+373 22 810 462
+373 22 74 74 20
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24 Trade Shows in I.E.C. Moldexpo (Chisinau)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
IMOBIL MOLDOVAReal Estate Show unknown April 2021postponed !
T╬RGUL DE FLORIIChisinau flower market unknown 04/08/2021
4 days
SCHOOL FAIRFair of school supplies and accessories once a year 08/26/2021
5 days
TULBURELFestival of young wine once a year Sept. 2021 (?)
MOLDMEDIZIN & MOLDDENTMedical technology for diagnostics and therapy. Laboratory devices and equipment. Pharmaceutical products. Optical devices and equipment. Dental instruments, surgery equipment and materials once a year 09/09/2021
3 days
FARMERAgricultural Products. Seeds and Planting Material, Gardening Equipment. Greenhouses. Livestock and Poultry. Fodder, Adds and Premixes once a year 10/13/2021
4 days
MOLDAGROTECHInternational Specialized Exhibition of Agricultural Equipment, Technologies and Materials twice a year 10/13/2021
4 days
MOLDOVA FASHION EXPOInternational specialized exhibition of products, equipment and raw materials for the fashion industry once a year 11/04/2021
4 days
FASHION EXPOInternational specialized exhibition of products, equipment and raw materials for the light industry once a year 11/05/2021
4 days
INFOINVENTInternational Specialized Exhibition of Inventions, New Equipment, Technologies and Materials every 2 years 11/17/2021
4 days
EXPO MOBILIAInternational specialized exhibition of furniture, equipment, tools, raw materials and accessories for furniture manufacture once a year 11/26/2021
4 days
CHRISMAS FAIR MOLDAVAFair of Christmas gifts once a year 12/19/2021
6 days
FABRICAT ╬N MOLDOVAChisinau national multibranch exhibition-fair of local goods and services once a year Jan. 2022 (?)
BEAUTY MOLDOVADecorative Cosmetics, Perfumery, Beauty Shop and Hairdresser's Equipment and Accessories, Jewelry, Gems and Costume Jewelry once a year Feb. 2022 (?)
EAWSC CHISINAU + WINE WEEKInternational Wine Exhibition once a year Feb. 2022 (?)
TOURISM. LEISURE. HOTELS.Tourism and Traveling. Sports and Tourism, Fishing and Hunting Equipment. Hotel and Restaurant Service. Entertainment Industry once a year Feb. 2022 (?)
EASTER FAIRGift Fair. Traditional fabrics, costumes, ceramics, wooden objects, painted eggs and ornaments... once a year April 2022 (?)
MOLDCONSTRUCTBuilding Techniques and Equipment. Building and Finishing Materials. Insulation, Covering. Ceilings and Roofings. Sanitary Engineering Equipment. Ceramic Items. Glassware, Windows & Doors. Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioner Systems once a year April 2022 (?)
MOLDENERGYEquipment and Technologies for Heating. Energetic and Regeneration Systems. Measure and Control Systems. Power-Saving Technologies once a year April 2022 (?)
FAMILY REST FESTActive and outdoor leisure fair for parents and their children once a year May 2022 (?)
FOOD & DRINKS - FOOD TECHNOLOGY MOLDOVAInternational specialized exhibition of foodstuffs and raw materials for their production. FOOD & DRINKS features Equipment for Trade and Public Catering, Grocery Stores and Food Depots, Refrigerating Equipment once a year May 2022 (?)
KID’S EXPOInternational Specialized Exhibition of goods and services for children and teenagers once a year May 2022 (?)
PACKAGING. DEPOT MOLDOVAEquipment, Raw Materials and Dosing, Marking and Packaging Technologies. Labels once a year May 2022 (?)
BOOKFEST CHISINAUBook Fair. Publishing houses and book sales once a year Aug. 2022 (?)
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