Trade Shows in Exhibition Centre Westfallenhalle Dortmund
2021 - 2022

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Exhibition Centre Westfallenhalle Dortmund
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44139 Dortmund Germany
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28 Trade Shows in Exhibition Centre Westfallenhalle Dortmund (Dortmund)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
EMPACK DORTMUNDNational trade fair for the packaging industry every 2 years 05/19/2021
2 days
CREATIVAExhibition for Creative Design once a year 08/25/2021
5 days
CAKE DREAMSGermany's largest fair for creative baking once a year 08/28/2021
2 days
WESTFÄLISCHE MÜNZ- UND SAMMLER-BÖRSEWestphalia Coin and Collectors´ Fair - Coins, Medals, Telephone Cards, Medallions, Paper Money, Postcards twice a year Sept. 2021 (?)
WM WERKSTATTMESSE - DORTMUNDTrade fair for car and commercial vehicle parts, workshop equipment, tools, paint, paint accessories and tires once a year 09/03/2021
3 days
INTERSUPPLYInternational Trade Fair for the Production of Tobacco Goods once a year 09/16/2021
3 days
INTER-TABACInternational Trade Fair for Tobacco Products and Smokers Products once a year 09/16/2021
3 days
BRILLE & CO DORTMUNDTrade fair or ophthalmic optics once a year 09/18/2021
2 days
HUND & PFERDThe biggest dog show in Germany + Horse Exhibition once a year 10/08/2021
3 days
DKM KONZEPTE & LÖSUNGENInternational Trade Fair Finance and Insurance once a year 10/26/2021
3 days
DBA - DEUTSCHE BRIEFTAUBEN-AUSSTELLUNGInternational Exhibition of Pigeon Fanciers once a year Jan. 2022 (?)
BRANDEXAn exclusive platform for event managers and creatives, PR and communication specialists, advertisers, marketeers, scholars, service providers and bright young talents from the trade fair industry, architecture and live communication once a year 01/18/2022
1 day
HOCHZEITSTAGE DORTMUNDInformational and Sales Event for everything concerning the subject "Wedding" once a year 01/22/2022
2 days
FISCH & ANGELAngling Sports Exhibition. Sea angling, pike angling, fly fishing and the art of baiting are just a few topics that are covered by the FISCH & ANGEL exhibition once a year 02/01/2022
6 days
JAGD & HUNDInternational Exhibition for Hunting and Fishing once a year 02/01/2022
6 days
WILD FOOD FESTIVALGastronomy fair focused on the products of hunting, fishing, local produce once a year 02/01/2022
6 days
WÄSCHE UND MEHRDessous, Underwear, Beach Fashion and Home-Wear Order Days twice a year 02/12/2022
3 days
PUMPS & VALVES DORTMUNDTrade fair for industrial pumps, fittings & processes every 2 years 02/16/2022
2 days
SOLIDS DORTMUNDIndustry Forum for suppliers and for buyers from end-user industries that manufacture and process powder, granules and bulk solids (including food & beverage manufacturing, chemicals, cosmetics, animal feed and pet food). Handling, Storage, Logistics every 2 years 02/16/2022
2 days
MODE & BEAUTYWellness & Beauty Fair once a year March 2022 (?)
MOTORRÄDER DORTMUNDMotorcycle show of Dortmund once a year 03/03/2022
4 days
BAUMESSE NRWCombinated Building and Real Estate Exhibition. Eco Building, Real Estate and Vacation Properties once a year 03/11/2022
3 days
MAINTENANCE DORTMUNDInternational Industrial Maintenance Exhibition once a year 03/30/2022
2 days
INTERMODELLBAUExhibition of Model-Making and Model Sport once a year April 2022 (?)
LOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION DORTMUNDTrade Fair for Intralogistics once a year 05/18/2022
2 days
ACOUSTEXSound Professionals Show once a year June 2022 (?)
BOE INTERNATIONALLeading trade show for marketing and the event industry once a year June 2022 (?)
ELEKTROTECHNIKElectrical Engineering and Electronics Fair. The Elektrotechnik exhibition is strongly focused on users and practitioners from the building services and industrial application sectors every 2 years Feb. 2023 (?)
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