Trade Shows in Tüyap Eskisehir Fair Center
2022 - 2023

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Tüyap Eskisehir Fair Center
71 Evler Mahallesi Çevre Yolu No: 114
Odunpazari / Eskisehir Turkey
+90 222 700 00 82
+90 222 700 00 85
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5 Trade Shows in Tüyap Eskisehir Fair Center (Eskisehir)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
ESKISEHIR AGRICULTURE FAIREskisehir Agriculture Fair. Agriculture, Animal Breeding and Technologies Fair once a year 09/07/2022
5 days
ESKISEHIR INDUSTRY FAIREskisehir Industry Fair. R&D, Industry and Technology once a year 10/18/2022
4 days
ESKISEHIR BUILDING FAIRBuilding, Construction Materials, Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Natural Gas and Technologies Fair once a year 11/17/2022
4 days
ESKISEHIR GOURMET TASTES FAIRFood, Beverage Products, Local Products, Food Processing, Bakery Products Technologies, Storage, Refrigeration, Transport and Store, Market Equipment Fair once a year Feb. 2023 (?)
ESKISEHIR FURNITURE FAIREskisehir Furniture, Interior Design, Carpet, Lighting and-Supply Industry Fair once a year March 2023 (?)
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