Trade Shows in Tüyap Eskisehir Fair Center
2022 - 2023

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Tüyap Eskisehir Fair Center
71 Evler Mahallesi Çevre Yolu No: 114
Odunpazari / Eskisehir Turkey
+90 222 700 00 82
+90 222 700 00 85
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5 Trade Shows in Tüyap Eskisehir Fair Center (Eskisehir)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
ESKISEHIR GOURMET TASTES FAIRFood, Beverage Products, Local Products, Food Processing, Bakery Products Technologies, Storage, Refrigeration, Transport and Store, Market Equipment Fair once a year Feb. 2022 (?)
ESKISEHIR FURNITURE FAIREskisehir Furniture, Interior Design, Carpet, Lighting and-Supply Industry Fair once a year 03/23/2022
5 days
ESKISEHIR AGRICULTURE FAIREskisehir Agriculture Fair. Agriculture, Animal Breeding and Technologies Fair once a year 09/07/2022
5 days
ESKISEHIR INDUSTRY FAIREskisehir Industry Fair. R&D, Industry and Technology once a year 10/31/2022
4 days
ESKISEHIR BUILDING FAIRBuilding, Construction Materials, Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Natural Gas and Technologies Fair once a year 11/17/2022
4 days
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