Trade Shows in Amberexpo
2023 - 2024

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13 Trade Shows in Amberexpo (Gdansk)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
AMBERIFInternational Fair of Amber, Jewelry and Gemstones once a year 03/22/2023
4 days
BALT MILITARY EXPOBaltic Military Fair every 2 years April 2023 (?)
FOODEXPO GDANSKFood, hotel and catering trade fair every 2 years May 2023 (?)
JARMARK SW. DOMINIKAGdansk International Fair once a year 07/22/2023
23 days
AMBERMARTInternational Amber Fair once a year Sept. 2023 (?)
CONGRESS OF THE POLISH ORTHOPEDIC SOCIETYCongress of the Polish Orthopedic Society once a year Sept. 2023 (?)
TRAKOInternational Railway Fair every 2 years 09/19/2023
4 days
URODACosmetics and Hairdressing Fair once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
BALTEXPOInternational Shipbuilding and Shipping Exhibition every 2 years 10/10/2023
3 days
FUN AND GAMES FAIR - LET’S PLAY FESTIVALTargi Gra i Zabawa (Fun and Games Fair) and Festiwal Gramy (Let’s Play Festival) have both business and educational-entertainment purposes once a year Nov. 2023 (?)
FUN AND GAMES FAIR & FESTIWAL GRAMY (TARGI GRA I ZABAWA)International Games Fair in Poland. Fun and Games Fair features Board, logic and card games, RPG, field & city games jigsaw puzzles, building blocks, mechanical & wooden toys, multimedia & interactive toys, multimedia & educational applications, mangas once a year Nov. 2023 (?)
TARGI GRA I ZABAWA - GAME AND FUN FAIRPolish Game and Fun Fair once a year Nov. 2023 (?)
POLFISHInternational Fair of Fish Processing and Fish Products every 2 years 09/11/2024
3 days
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