Trade Shows in Helsinki Fair Centre
2020 - 2021

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44 Trade Shows in Helsinki Fair Centre (Helsinki)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
FOODTECExhibition for Food Processing Technologies & Equipment once a year 03/11/2020
2 days
GASTRO HELSINKIGastronomy Fair every 2 years 03/11/2020
3 days
PACTECInternational Packaging Industries Fair every 3 years 03/11/2020
2 days
PLAST EXPO NORDICPlastic Industry International Trade Show unknown 03/11/2020
2 days
VIINIEXPOTrade Days for Wines and Spirits, Wine Lover's Day every 2 years 03/11/2020
2 days
SISUSTAInterior Decoration Fair once a year April 2020 (?)
KEVÄT MESSUT - OWN HOMEHome Building and Renovation Fair once a year 04/02/2020
4 days
SPRING GARDENThe biggest and most popular Horticultural Fair in Finland every 2 years 04/02/2020
4 days
AMERICAN CAR SHOWAmerican Car Show once a year 04/10/2020
3 days
CHILD FAIREvent for the Whole Family once a year 04/17/2020
3 days
PETEXPOPets Expo once a year 04/18/2020
2 days
TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS HELSINKILogistics & Transport Exhibition in Finland and for the Baltic Sea region once a year May 2020 (?)
HABITAREFurniture, Interior Decoration and Design Fair for Professionals and Public Visitors once a year 09/09/2020
5 days
BEAUTYBeauty Expo once a year Oct. 2020 (?)
FASHION+BEAUTY FINLANDNew Stylish event for People who take interest in their Looks once a year Oct. 2020 (?)
FINNBUILDInternational Building and Building Services Fair every 2 years 10/07/2020
3 days
HELSINKI BOOK FAIRBook Fair once a year 10/22/2020
4 days
WINE, FOOD & GOOD LIVINGFinland's largest event for the food and wine enthusiasts once a year 10/22/2020
4 days
GAMEXPOGameXpo will concentrate purely on games in different forms. GameXpo’s stage offers unforgettable experiences to visitors hosting for example the Finnish Championship Contest in Cosplay as well as presentation of new games once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
GO EXPO WINTERThe largest Winter sport Fair in the Nordic Countries once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
THE FINNISH DENTAL CONGRESS AND EXHIBITIONInternational Conference & Exhibition of Dental Equipment once a year 11/12/2020
3 days
SLUSHSlush is the focal point for entrepreneurs and tech talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives and media once a year 11/19/2020
2 days
STUDIAInternational further education event for upper secondary school students once a year 11/25/2020
2 days
STUDIA - EDUCATION FAIR IN HELSINKIStudent Fairs once a year 11/25/2020
2 days
THE ANNUAL FINNISH VETERINARY CONFERENCEConference and Exhibition organized by the Finnish Veterinary Association once a year Dec. 2020 (?)
WINNERInternational Dog Show once a year 12/05/2020
2 days
CARAVAN HELSINKINew Camping Cars and Caravans Trade Show once a year Jan. 2021 (?)
EDUCAFinland's most Important Event in the Education Field once a year Jan. 2021 (?)
FINNISH MEDICAL CONVENTION AND EXHIBITIONEvent Offering Further Training and Continuing Education for Physicians once a year Jan. 2021 (?)
MATKAQuality Traveling for Everyone once a year Jan. 2021 (?)
THE FINNISH MEDICAL CONVENTION AND EXHIBITIONFinnish Medical Convention and Exhibition once a year Jan. 2021 (?)
BICYCLEBicycle Exhibition once a year Feb. 2021 (?)
GO EXPOBicycle, Fitness & Exercise and Golf Fair once a year Feb. 2021 (?)
GOLF FINLANDGolf fair once a year Feb. 2021 (?)
HELSINKI HORSE FAIRGreat Horse Event for all Horse Enthusiasts and pPofessionals once a year Feb. 2021 (?)
OUTDOOR FINLANDAdventure Sports Show once a year Feb. 2021 (?)
VENE BAT - HELSINKI INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOWHelsinki International Boat Show once a year Feb. 2021 (?)
PULPAPERInternational Exhibition for Suppliers to the Pulp and Paper Industry every 4 years 04/13/2021
3 days
CHEMBIO FINLANDLaboratory Products, Biotechnology, Chemical Industry every 2 years 04/14/2021
2 days
HEALTH FINLANDThe largest Feel-Good event in Nordics every 2 years June 2021 (?)
AVITA AUDIOVISUAL EXPOInnovations and Novelties of Audiovisual Technologies. Exhibition and conference every 2 years Oct. 2021 (?)
MECATECThe Mechanical Engineering and Machine Components Fair every 2 years Oct. 2021 (?)
FINNSECThe most important Safety and Security Fair of the year in the Nordic Countries every 2 years 10/06/2021
2 days
FINNTECMetal Industry and Engineering Trade Show. Machine tools, tools and equipment, Welding machines and accessories every 2 years Dec. 2021 (?)
Be aware that all dates are subject to changes. Please contact the organizer before making any arrangement.
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