Trade Shows in Isfahan International Exhibition Fairground
2022 - 2023

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Isfahan International Exhibition Fairground
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Isfahan Iran
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33 Trade Shows in Isfahan International Exhibition Fairground (Isfahan)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
ISFAHAN MODERN CONSTRUCTInternational Exhibition of Architecture and Modern Building Technologies unknown 10/28/2021
5 days
AUTOCOMInternational Exhibition of Computer and Office Automation every 2 years 11/09/2021
4 days
EXHIBITION OF HOME AND KITCHEN WAREExhibition of Home and Kitchen Ware, Bath, Sauna & Pool unknown 12/22/2021
4 days
ISFAHAN INTER TILEInternational Exhibition of Tile, Ceramic and Sanitary Ware every 2 years 12/22/2021
4 days
MEDIFAIRInternational Exhibition of Medical, Dental and Laboratory Equipment and Related Industries unknown 12/30/2021
4 days
ISFAHAN HOME DECORATION AND FURNITURESpecialized Exhibition of Home Decoration and Furniture Industry twice a year 01/11/2022
4 days
TERMOTECHInternational Exhibition of Refrigeration & Heating once a year 01/31/2022
5 days
ISFAHAN PLASTInternational Exhibition dedicated to Plastic, Rubber & Relevant Machinery in Iran unknown 02/01/2022
4 days
ISFAHAN TERMOTECHInternational Exhibition of Refrigerating, Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment and Installations once a year Feb. 2022 (?)
PAINT, RESIN AND INDUSTRIAL COATINGSSpecialized Exhibition of Paint, Resin and Industrial Coatings unknown 02/01/2022
4 days
HOMETECHInternational Exhibition of Home Appliances once a year 02/10/2022
5 days
EXHIBITION OF INTERIOR DESIGNExhibition of Interior Design once a year 02/22/2022
4 days
IRAN PEL SHOW - ESFAHANEsfahan Livestock, Poultry, Aquaculture, Feed, Veterinary, Machinery and Related Industries International Exhibition once a year June 2022 (?)
ISFAHAN VETInternational Exhibition of Livestock, Poultry and Veterinary once a year June 2022 (?)
CHANDELIERS & DECORATIVE LIGHTSExhibition of Chandeliers & Decorative Lights once a year July 2022 (?)
INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF ELECTRICITYBiennial International Exhibition of Electricity every 2 years July 2022 (?)
ISFAHAN POWERInternational Exhibition of Power Generation & Electricity once a year July 2022 (?)
WOODEX - INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF WOOD MACHINERY, ACCESSORIES AND RAW MATERIALSInternational Exhibition of Wood Machinery, Accessories and Raw Materials once a year July 2022 (?)
EXHIBITION OF HOME TEXTILES & SLEEP PRODUCTSExhibition of Home Textiles & Sleep Products once a year Sept. 2022 (?)
EXHIBITION OF MACHINE MADE CARPETSpecialized Exhibition of Machine Made Carpet once a year Sept. 2022 (?)
IITE - ISFAHAN INTERNATIONAL TOURISM & HANDICRAFTS EXHIBITIONIsfahan International Tourism & Handicrats Exhibition once a year Sept. 2022 (?)
ISFAHAN BOOK FAIRIsfahan Province Book Fair once a year Sept. 2022 (?)
COFFEE, BEVERAGES, BAKERY, CONFECTIONERY & CHOCOLATESpecialized Exhibition of Coffee, Beverages, Bakery, Confectionery & Chocolate once a year Oct. 2022 (?)
HOTEL, RESTAURANT, CAFÉExhibition of Hotel, Restaurant, Café and Fast Food once a year Oct. 2022 (?)
INFEX - GENERAL EXHIBITION OF FOOD INDUSTRIESSpecialized Exhibition of Food Industries (Processing, Packaging, Products) once a year Oct. 2022 (?)
ISFAHAN BUILDINGInternational Exhibition of Building & Construction related Industries once a year Nov. 2022 (?)
AGROMACInternational Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery and Irrigation Equipment once a year Dec. 2022 (?)
AGROVETInternational Exhibition of Agricultural Industry and Relevant Services once a year Dec. 2022 (?)
CARPEXTrade Exhibition for Persian HandMade Carpets once a year Dec. 2022 (?)
ISFAHAN GOLDInternational Exhibition of Gems, Jewelry, Watches, Relevant Machinery and Equipment every 2 years May 2023 (?)
ISFAHAN AUTOInternational Exhibition of Automobile Industry every 2 years June 2023 (?)
ISFAHAN AUTOPARTInternational Exhibition of Automotive Spare Parts and Related Industries every 2 years June 2023 (?)
METALEXInternational Exhibition of Steel, Metallurgy and Foundry every 2 years Aug. 2023 (?)
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