Trade Shows in Elmia exhibition halls
2024 - 2025

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Elmia exhibition halls
Elmiavägen 11
SE-550 54 Jönköping Sweden
+46 36 15 20 00
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18 Trade Shows in Elmia exhibition halls (Jönköping)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
SPORTFISKE MÄSSANAngling and Fly Fishing Show every 2 years 03/15/2024
3 days
BILSPORT PERFORMANCE & CUSTOM MOTOR SHOWSwedish Car & Motorbike Exhibition. The Custom Motor Show is a fair for the whole family where not only cars and motorcycles are displayed, but also entertainment, competitions and spectacular outdoor shows once a year 03/28/2024
5 days
ELMIA AUTOMATIONTrade show of industrial automation every 2 years 05/14/2024
4 days
ELMIA POLYMER - POWERED BY FAKUMAInternational trade fair for the plastic and rubber industry every 2 years 05/14/2024
4 days
ELMIA WELDING & JOINING TECHNOLOGYTrade show on welding and joining technologies every 2 years 05/14/2024
4 days
DREAM HACKThe world's largest video game festival circuit. Visit DreamHack, enjoy a wide range of gaming activities and the best international esports content and competitions, share an exclusive space for video game enthusiasts, see the best cosplayers... once a year 06/14/2024
4 days
ELMIA LASTBIL - THE TRUCK EXHIBITIONInternational Trade Fair on the Road Haulage and Transport Sector every 2 years 08/21/2024
4 days
ELMIA GARDENSpecialized Fair for Suppliers to Garden Centres and Similar Retail Outlets once a year Sept. 2024 (?)
ELMIA HUSVAGN HUSBIL - SCANDINAVIAN CARAVAN SHOWScandinavian Public Fair for Caravanning and Camping once a year 09/11/2024
5 days
VA MÄSSANTrade show on water supply and sewer technologies every 2 years 09/24/2024
3 days
ELMIA AGRICULTURE LIVESTOCK & TECHNOLOGYInternational Trade Fair on Indoor Mechanization and Livestock Production every 2 years 10/16/2024
3 days
ELMIA AGRICULTURE MACHINERY & CULTIVATIONInternational Trade Fair on Machinery, Cultivation and IT every 2 years 10/16/2024
3 days
ELMIA SUBCONTRACTORInternational trade Fair for Subcontractors and Suppliers within the Engineering Industry once a year Nov. 2024 (?)
ELMIA GAMES FAIRHunting, Hound, Fishing and Game Preservation every 2 years 05/29/2025
3 days
ELMIA WOODInternational Forestry Trade Fair every 4 years 06/04/2025
4 days
ELMIA PARKNordic Trade Fair on Green Areas and Outdoor Environments every 2 years Sept. 2025 (?)
ELMIA NORDIC RAILConferences and Trade Fair about Rail bound Traffic every 2 years Oct. 2025 (?)
SKOGSELMIA BALTICBaltic Forestry Trade Fair every 4 years June 2026 (?)
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