Trade Shows in Jyväskylä Congress Centre
2023 - 2024

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Jyväskylä Congress Centre
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Jyväskylä Finland
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7 Trade Shows in Jyväskylä Congress Centre (Jyväskylä)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
TEKNIIKKAInternational exhibition for Automation, Motion and Drive. Automation industry from planning to applications every 2 years Oct. 2022
FINNMATERIASpecial exhibition in ore prospecting, mining industry, ore and mineral dressing, metals processing and upgrading, aggregate industry every 2 years 10/25/2022
3 days
BUILDING TRADE AND HOME RENOVATIONSpecialized Exhibition for Constructional Engineering and Repair Building once a year 03/17/2023
3 days
KULJETUSProfessional transportation industry event every 4 years 05/25/2023
3 days
BIOENERGIAInternational exhibition of Bioenergy every 2 years 09/06/2023
3 dayspostponed !
WOOD AND BIOENERGYInternational exhibition of Woodworking. International exhibition of Bioenergy every 2 years 09/06/2023
3 days
ELECTRICAL INDUSTRY, TELECOMMUNICATIONS, LIGHT AND AVElectricity, Telecommunications, Light and Audio Visual International Exhibition every 2 years Feb. 2024 (?)
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