Trade Shows in Exhibition Centre Leipzig
2020 - 2021

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30 Trade Shows in Exhibition Centre Leipzig (Leipzig)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
LEIPZIG VETERINARY CONGRESSVeterinary Congress. The Leipzig Veterinary Congress is aimed at practitioners working in the fields of both farm animals and domestic pets, as well as vets in the public veterinary service and those from the worlds of science and industry every 2 years 01/16/2020
3 days
LEIPZIGER BUCHMESSE UND LEIPZIGER ANTIQUARIATSMESSESpring event of the book and media industry for readers, authors and publishers once a year 03/12/2020
4 days
BEAUTY FORUM LEIPZIGInternational Autumn Trade Fair for Cosmetics once a year 04/25/2020
2 days
NEW ENERGY WORLDInternational Trade Fair for Energy every 2 years 05/19/2020
2 days
ALL ABOUT AUTOMATION - LEIPZIGProducers, suppliers and distributors of industrial automation technologies use the all about automation exhibitions to share and exchange ideas swiftly and intensely with trade visitors once a year Sept. 2020 (?)
CADEAUX LEIPZIGTrade Fair for Gifts and Ideas for the home twice a year Sept. 2020 (?)
MIDORA LEIPZIGThe Leipzig Clocks, Watches and Jewelry Trade Fair once a year 09/05/2020
3 days
FACHDENTAL LEIPZIGTrade Fair for Dental Surgeries and Laboratories once a year 09/25/2020
2 days
GRASSIMESSESales Exhibition for Arts and Crafts and the Design Branch once a year Oct. 2020 (?)
JAGD & ANGELNExhibition for Forest, hunting, fishing and sport shooting once a year 10/02/2020
3 days
MODELL - HOBBY - SPIELExhibition for Modeling, Model Railways Creative Hobbies once a year 10/02/2020
3 days
OTWORLDInternational Trade Show and World Congress for Prosthetics, Orthotics and Rehabilitation Technology every 2 years 10/27/2020
4 days
DENKMALEuropean Trade Fair for Preservation of Monuments and Urban Renewal every 2 years 11/05/2020
3 days
MUTECInternational Trade Fair for Museums, Collections, Restoration and Exhibition Technology every 2 years 11/05/2020
3 days
AZUBI- & STUDIENTAGE LEIPZIGTrade Fair for Professional Education and Study once a year 11/06/2020
2 days
TOURISTIK & CARAVANINGTourism & Caravanning Fair once a year 11/18/2020
5 days
LIPSIALeipzig Pure-bred Poultry Exhibition once a year Dec. 2020 (?)
MOTORRAD MESSE LEIPZIGMotorcycle Fair once a year Jan. 2021 (?)
PARTNER PFERDEquestrian Fair - Show - Expo - Sport once a year Jan. 2021 (?)
BEACH & BOATWater Sports Exhibition Leipzig once a year Feb. 2021 (?)
HAUS-GARTEN-FREIZEITHome - Garden - Leisure once a year Feb. 2021 (?)
MITTELDEUTSCHE HANDWERKSMESSECentral German Handicrafts Fair once a year Feb. 2021 (?)
INTECTrade Fair for Manufacturing, Tool and Special-Purpose Machine Construction every 2 years 03/02/2021
4 days
ZSubcontracting Fair - Components and Parts every 2 years 03/02/2021
4 days
THERAPIE LEIPZIGExhibition and Congress for Therapists every 2 years 03/11/2021
3 days
TERRATECInternational Trade Fair for Environmental Technologies and Services every 2 years April 2021 (?)
AGRA LEIPZIGLargest trade fair for agriculture, forestry and food industry in central and eastern Germany / Saxony every 2 years 04/22/2021
4 days
EFATrade Fair for Building Systems, Electrical Engineering, Light, Air Conditioning and Automation every 2 years 09/22/2021
3 days
MEDCARE LEIPZIGForum and Exhibition for Hospital and Home Care every 2 years 09/22/2021
2 days
ISS GUT!Trade Show for butchery and consumer every 2 years Nov. 2021 (?)
Be aware that all dates are subject to changes. Please contact the organizer before making any arrangement.
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