Trade Shows in Feira Internacional de Lisboa
2020 - 2021

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Feira Internacional de Lisboa
R. do Bojador
Parque das Nações
1998-010 Lisboa Portugal
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18 Trade Shows in Feira Internacional de Lisboa (Lisbon)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
NATALISLisbon Christmas Fair once a year 12/04/2019
5 days
PET FESTIVALPet Fair once a year 01/31/2020
3 days
NAUTICAMPOInternational Exhibition of Boating, Camping, Caravanning and Sport once a year 02/12/2020
5 days
PAPERGIFTInternational Exhibition of Stationery, Educational Material, Toys, Gift, Party Articles and Decorative Articles once a year March 2020 (?)
BTLLisboan Travel Market once a year 03/11/2020
5 days
FUTURÁLIA LISBOAYouth, Education and Employment Exhibition once a year 03/25/2020
4 days
MOTORCLÁSSICOInternational Fair of Classic Automobile and Motorcycle once a year 04/24/2020
3 days
ENERGYLIVE EXPOForum for Renewable Energy once a year 05/06/2020
3 days
GREEN BUSINESS WEEKWater, Energy, Waste and Environment Expo once a year 05/06/2020
3 days
TEK GREENRenewable Energy, Sustainable Construction and Social Responsibility in Construction once a year 05/06/2020
4 days
TEK MÁQUINASMachines and Equipment for Construction and Public works once a year 05/06/2020
4 days
TEKTÓNICAInternational Building & Construction Fair once a year 05/06/2020
4 days
FIA LISBOAInternational Handicraft Exhibition once a year 06/27/2020
9 days
INTERCASAInternational Furniture and Lighting Exhibition once a year Oct. 2020 (?)
SALÃO IMOBILIÁRIOInvestments, Promotion, Construction, and Commerce once a year Oct. 2020 (?)
MECÂNICA FILProfessional trade show for officinal equipment, parts, mechanical components and accessories for light and heavy vehicles once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
ALIMENTARIA & HOREXPO LISBOAInternational Food, Hospitality and Technology for the Food & Drinks Industry Exhibition. ALIMENTARIA & HOREXPO LISBOA attracts professionals from the food & drinks industry, modern & traditional distribution channels, specialty shops, restaurants, hotel every 2 years March 2021 (?)
HOREXPOInternational Exhibition of Hotel, Catering and Vending every 2 years April 2021 (?)
Be aware that all dates are subject to changes. Please contact the organizer before making any arrangement.
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