Trade Shows in Maude Cobb Convention & Activity Center
2021 - 2022

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Maude Cobb Convention & Activity Center
100 Grand Blvd
Longview, TX 75604 USA
+1 (903) 237-1230
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2 Trade Shows in Maude Cobb Convention & Activity Center (Longview, TX)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
LONGVIEW GUN & KNIFE SHOWArms and Ammunition Fair. LONGVIEW GUN & KNIFE SHOW presents all types of firearms, combat knife, swords, fishing gears, antique pistols, cartridges, hunting accessories, gun parts, self protection weapons, outdoor survival training and hi-tech optics unknown 05/02/2021
22 days
LONGVIEW, TX GUN SHOWWeapon Fair. LONGVIEW, TX GUN SHOW showcases shotguns, handguns, hunting rifle, combat knife and swords, self-defense training, collector guns, muzzle load, hi-tech optics, safety equipment, holsters, war relics and bulletproof jacket 3 times a year July 2021 (?)
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