Trade Shows in Football Manege Sport Complex
2022 - 2023

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Football Manege Sport Complex
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Minsk, 220020 Belarus
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18 Trade Shows in Football Manege Sport Complex (Minsk)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
CHEMISTRY. OIL & GASInternational Specialized Exhibition of Chemistry, Oil & Gas. Technologies, equipment, raw-materials and production, transportation and storing of oil, oil products, and gas every 2 years 09/20/2022
3 days
INTERSTYLEPerfumery. Cosmetics. Hairdresser's Equipment and Accessories. Salons. Open Competition of Belarus on Hairdresser's Art once a year 11/09/2022
4 days
ELECTROTECH - LIGHT MINSKElectrotechnical Machines and Devices, Lighting Technology, Electrical Equipment, High-Voltage Equipment and Power Electronics once a year 03/14/2023
3 days
ELECTROTECH. LIGHTBelarusian Energy and Environmental Protection Forum - Lighting Production once a year 03/14/2023
3 days
WATER & HEATInternational Specialized Exhibition o. Technologies, Equipment and Materials for Water Production, Preparation and Drainage System Cleaning. Pumping Equipment. Heating Systems and Equipment once a year 03/28/2023
4 days
BELARUSIAN MEDICAL FORUMMedical Techniques, Equipment, Goods and Services. Pharmaceutical Products. Laboratory and Diagnostic Equipment. Medical Optics once a year 05/23/2023
4 days
BELARUSIAN INDUSTRIAL FORUMBelarusian Industrial Forum. Energy and Resource Saving, Ecology, Science and Innovation once a year Sept. 2023 (?)
GAME EXPO MINSKExhibition-festival of the Game Industry once a year Sept. 2023 (?)
PLASTEC MINSKInternational Specialized Exhibition of polymer materials, equipment, and technologies once a year Sept. 2023 (?)
PROWELDWelding Equipment & Technology Trade Show once a year Sept. 2023 (?)
TECHINNOPROMInternational Specialized Exhibition "Technology and Innovations in Industry" once a year Sept. 2023 (?)
ATOMEXPO BELARUSNuclear power plant project development, construction, operation and safety; stimulation of research works in the field of atomic engineering in Belarus; assistance in personnel training for nuclear energy once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
BELARUSDENTBelarusian Dental Congress & Exhibition- International Stomatology Forum once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
ENERGY EXPOEnergy sources, Consumption Meters and Regulators, Energy-Saving Technologies and Equipment once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
EXPOCITYBelarusian Energy and Ecology Forum once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
INFRATRANSInternational Exhibition & Conference on Transport Infrastructure once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
OIL & GAS TECHNOLOGIESOil & Gas Technologies International Exhibition once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS BELARUSInternational Specialized Exhibition & Belarusian Transport Congress once a year 10/10/2023
4 days
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