Trade Shows in Gostiny Dvor - Moscow
2022 - 2023

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Gostiny Dvor - Moscow
4, Ilinka street
Moscow, 109012 Russia
+7 (495) 698 12 02
+7 (495) 234 99 51
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4 Trade Shows in Gostiny Dvor - Moscow (Moscow)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
MOSCOW DIVE SHOWSpecialized Diving Exhibition in Russia. Amongts Moscow Dive Show exhibitors will feature dive resorts, liveaboards manufacturers, red and tech diving gear products, freediving equipment, underwater photo and video equipment, spearfishing gear once a year 02/17/2022
4 days
MOSSHOESInternational Specialized Exhibition for Footwear, Bags and Accessories 3 times a year 02/28/2022
4 days
CHAPEAUInternational specialized exhibition of headwear, raw materials, accessories and equipment once a year Aug. 2022 (?)
BIOTECH WORLDInternational Specialized Exhibition of Biotechnology once a year Oct. 2022 (?)
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