Trade Shows in Mulhouse - Parc des Expositions
2022 - 2023

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Mulhouse - Parc des Expositions
120 rue Lefebvre
68000 Mulhouse France
+33 (0)3 89 46 80 00
+33 (0)3 89 46 54 25
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10 Trade Shows in Mulhouse - Parc des Expositions (Mulhouse)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
ART3F MULHOUSEInternational Contemporary Art Expo in Mulhouse. Art3f hosts galleries, painters, sculptors, photographers and performers every 2 years 11/18/2022
3 days
BE 4.0 INDUSTRIES DU FUTURThe fair is a tri-national (France, Germany, Switzerland) rendezvous for a successful transformation to the industry of the future once a year 11/29/2022
2 days
FESTIVITASTourism, Travel, Gastronomy & Wine Commercial Fair once a year 02/03/2023
3 days
SALON DES COLLECTIONNEURS - MULHOUSEExhibition for Collectors, the World of Perfume, Jewelry, Postcards, Philately, Numismatics, Old Toys and Games, Vinyl Records, Arts and Design, Antiques, Quality Flea Market and Various Collections twice a year 02/12/2023
1 day
SALON EXTÉRIEURS JARDINGardening and Landscaping Fair once a year 03/10/2023
3 days
SALON DE L'IMMOBILIER DE MULHOUSEReal Estate Fair in Mulhouse once a year 04/01/2023
2 days
STOFFEN SPEKTAKEL MULHOUSEExpo of fabrics and textiles twice a year April 2023 (?)
FOIR’EXPO DE MULHOUSEInternational Fair of Mulhouse once a year 05/13/2023
9 days
FOLIE'FLOREFlower Festival + Fruit & Vegetable Commercial Fair once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
JOURNÉES D'OCTOBREGastronomy and Fruit & Vegetable Commercial Fair once a year Oct. 2023 (?)
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