Trade Shows in PadovaFiere
2020 - 2021

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19 Trade Shows in PadovaFiere (Padua)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
PADOVA SPOSIWedding Show once a year 02/08/2020
2 days
CASA SU MISURAPadova Ideal Home Exhibition once a year 02/29/2020
9 days
SMAU PADOVAInternational Exhibition of Information & Communications Technology once a year March 2020 (?)
ANTIQUARIA PADOVAFine Art and Antiques Show once a year 03/21/2020
9 days
SAU SALONE AUTOInternational Automobile Exhibition once a year May 2020 (?)
LA FIERA CAMPIONARIAInternational Trade Far of Padua once a year 05/23/2020
9 days
BIKE EXPERIENCEItalian Cycling Exhibition once a year Sept. 2020 (?)
FLORMART - MIFLORInternational Horticultural and Gardening Exhibition once a year 09/23/2020
3 days
TECNO & FOOD / HOTEL & GASTROTEHInternational Trade Show of Catering, Hotels and Bars every 2 years 10/11/2020
4 days
AUTO E MOTO D'EPOCAInternational Exhibition of Vintage Cars and Motorcycles. Vehicles and spare parts once a year 10/22/2020
4 days
AMERICAN DREAMAmerican Lifestyle Expo once a year 10/31/2020
2 days
TUTTINFIERAExhibition Mart of Hobby and Leisure Time once a year 10/31/2020
2 days
ARTE PADOVAPadova Contemporary Art Show once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
EXPOLIBRIBook Fair once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
FIERA DEL DISCO - PADOVAFair for collectors and fans of old records once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
FIERA DEL FUMETTO - PADOVAFair for collectors and fans of old comic books once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
SIPACInternational trade fair dedicated to equipment and services for open-air accommodation and facilities such as campsites, holiday villages, holiday residences and playgrounds once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
EXPO SCUOLAEducation and Schooling Exhibition once a year 11/12/2020
3 days
ESPOSIZIONE CANINA PADOVAInternational Dog Show once a year Jan. 2021 (?)
Be aware that all dates are subject to changes. Please contact the organizer before making any arrangement.
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