Trade Shows in Paris Event Center - La Villette
2024 - 2025

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Paris Event Center - La Villette
20, avenue de la Porte de la Villette
75019 Paris France
+33 (0)8 11 11 55 55
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12 Trade Shows in Paris Event Center - La Villette (Paris)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
SALON ALTERNANCE ET APPRENTISSAGE DE PARISStudent Fair and part-time training expo. Many companies have entrusted their recruitment to the courses presents at the show. Each establishment present will be able to talk to you about the positions they are offering unknown 11/25/2023
1 day
SALON STUDYRAMA DES FORMATIONS DU NUMÉRIQUE DE PARISDigital training fair. The Studyrama Digital Training Fair is more than 200 specialized training courses in computer engineering, graphic design, visual communication, e-commerce or even e-marketing from Bac to Bac +5 unknown 11/25/2023
1 day
SALON STUDYRAMA DES BTS DE PARISDiscover the many schools offering BTS courses in all sectors of activity: Health, Marketing, Communication, Journalism, Management, Science, Commerce, Engineering, Mechanics, Sport... once a year 02/03/2024
1 day
SALON STUDYRAMA SUP’ALTERNANCE DE PARISApprenticeship & part-time training expo in Paris twice a year 02/03/2024
1 day
SALON DES PARENTS DE PARISYou would like to help your children find their path by guiding them in their research and encouraging them to find the ideal courses for their career plans ? Come and find out about the right advices to give them once a year Sept. 2024 (?)
SALON DES FORMATIONS INTERNATIONALES DE PARISInternational Student and Career Fair. The Paris International Training and Careers Fair attracts representatives of foreign establishments offering international programs from Post-Baccalaureate to Masters level once a year Oct. 2024 (?)
SALON STUDYRAMA DES 1ÈRES ET TERMINALES - INFOS APBStudent fair dedicated to 1st and 12th grade students. The Studyrama exhibition for 1ère & Terminales de Paris is the meeting place to get your bearings and find your training from Bac to Bac+5 once a year Oct. 2024 (?)
ARCHITECT @ WORK - FRANCE - PARISExhibition for Architecture & Interior Design. ARCHITECT@WORK gives you the opportunity to get into contact with: architects, interior architects, designers, engineering bureaus, project developers, technical services, towns & district councils once a year 10/23/2024
2 days
SALON DES FORMATIONS ET MÉTIERS DU LUXEStudent Fair dedicated to Luxury Industry once a year Nov. 2024 (?)
SALON STUDYRAMA DES FORMATIONS DE L’AUDIOVISUEL ET CINEMA DE PARISTo help you build your career plans, many professionals and specialists from the audiovisual and film sectors will be happy to discuss topics related to the various professions and job opportunities once a year Nov. 2024 (?)
SALON STUDYRAMA DES FORMATIONS SANTÉ, PARAMÉDICAL & SOCIAL DE PARISStudent Fair dedicated to Paramedical Studies once a year Nov. 2024 (?)
SALON STUDYRAMA GRANDES ECOLES DE PARISFair of the Grandes Ecoles de Paris. Grandes Ecoles of Commerce or Engineers once a year Nov. 2024 (?)
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