Trade Shows in Riga International Exhibition Centre
2021 - 2022

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36 Trade Shows in Riga International Exhibition Centre (Riga)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
PET EKSPOInternational Pets and Zoo Industry Exhibition. Pet Food, Accessories. Veterinary. Education and Information once a year 05/01/2021
2 days
FOREST AND WOOD RIGA (NATURE EXPO)International Forestry and Timber Processing Exhibition once a year 05/07/2021
3 days
LATVIAN BOOK FAIRInternational Exhibition of Books and Publishing once a year 05/07/2021
3 days
NATURE EXPOInternational Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry and Gardening Fair once a year 05/07/2021
3 days
RIGAAGRO (NATURE EXPO)International Exhibition for Agricultural Production and Rural Infrastructure. Agricultural, stock farming, horticultural, fish farming equipment and technologies. Rural infrastructure. Rural production management, novelties and consultations... once a year 05/07/2021
3 days
SCHOOL RIGAInternational Exhibition for Education once a year 05/07/2021
3 days
GARDEN AND FLORA RIGA (NATURE EXPO)International Garden and Floristic Exhibition once a year 05/14/2021
3 days
HOME. APARTMENTArchitecture, Design and Reconstruction of Apartments. Repairs and Refurbishment. Finishing and Decoration Materials. Plumbing and Thermo Techniques. Lighting. Home Security and Alarm Systems. Consumer Electronics, Electric Appliances and Equipment once a year 05/20/2021
4 days
HOUSE - MÂJAInternational Building Industry Trade Fair. Architecture. Design. Planning. Reconstruction. Building machinery and materials. Plumbing and thermal engineering. Lighting and wiring. Home technology & equipment. Environmentally safe construction once a year 05/20/2021
4 days
AUTO RIGAThe biggest trade fair for the automotive industry in the Baltic States. Exhibition of new cars and commercial vehicles, auto repair tools, service station equipment, spare parts, maintenance products, accessories... once a year 06/04/2021
3 days
LATVIAN WINNERInternational Cat & Dog Exhibition once a year 06/12/2021
2 days
RIGA FOODInternational Trade Fair for Food, Food Processing and Packaging, Hotel and Restaurant Supplies once a year 09/09/2021
3 days
COMFORTHOMEExhibition for heating, energy efficiency, comfort technologies and finishing solutions once a year 10/01/2021
3 days
ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY RIGAInternational Exhibition for Energetics and Technologies for Optimization of Natural Resources Utilization once a year Oct. 2021 (?)
MEDBALTICAInternational Medical Fair. The Baltics’ major medical exhibition Medbaltica brings together a variety of healthcare professionals, professional associations and manufacturers of medical products from Latvia and other countries once a year 10/07/2021
2 days
RIGA COMMTrade fair for technological solutions for companies and organizations + Conferences and Seminars. Optimization of business processes, Internet of things, big data, AI, cybersecurity, financial and marketing technologies, Human resources... once a year 10/14/2021
2 days
BALTIC FURNITUREInternational Furniture and Interior Design Fair once a year 10/22/2021
3 days
DESIGN ISLEInternational Design Fair. DESIGN ISLE, emphasizing on industrial & interior design, architecture & fashion design, is a creative & dynamic meeting place for designers to present their latest achievements to other professionals, customers & fanciers once a year 10/22/2021
3 days
BALTIC BEAUTY WORLDBaltic consolidated Beauty Industry Project Exhibition, Forum, Festival, Competitions, Conferences, Master Classes, Workshops and Shows once a year 11/05/2021
3 days
ZOOEKSPOInternational Pet Industry Fair once a year 11/13/2021
2 days
TECH INDUSTRYInternational Exhibition of Materials and Technologies for Industrial Production, Mechanical Engineering, Metalworking, Automation, Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Tools once a year 11/25/2021
3 days
EROTSErotic Show and Exhibition once a year Feb. 2022 (?)
ANGLING RIGAFishing Tackle and Accessories. Fishing tackle and accessories. Fishing facilities and campsites. Special fishponds and lakes. Diving and sub aqueous hunting. Fishing tours and events once a year March 2022 (?)
BALTIC BOAT SHOWExhibition of Boats and Yachts. Boats, yachts, small watercrafts, jet skis, catamarans, inflatable and glass fiber boats. Boating equipment and spare parts. Engines, outboards, mooring facilities, navigation equipment. Insurance of boats and yachts once a year March 2022 (?)
CAMPER RIGA - ATPUTA UN SPORTSCampers and House Trailers Expo once a year March 2022 (?)
FITNESS RIGA - ATPUTA UN SPORTSSport and Fitness Clubs and Equipment. Equipment and machines for sports and fitness clubs, fitness equipment. Food supplements, sportswear. Sports clubs, events and sport interest clubs once a year March 2022 (?)
HUNTING & FISHING RIGAInternational Exhibition for Hunting, Game Management and Hunters’ Outfit. Hunting weapons, outfit. Game management. Hunting tours. Seminars. Consultations. Competitions once a year March 2022 (?)
MOTORCYCLEExhibition of Motorcycles and Biking Accessories. Different motorcycles, ATVs and scooters, accessories. Bikers’ outfit and clubs once a year March 2022 (?)
RECREATION AND SPORTBaltic Regional Exhibition for Recreation, Tourism and Sport. Goods for tourism, recreation & sport. Sport & recreation complexes. Recreation, tourism and sport related services. Tours for active people once a year March 2022 (?)
VELO - ATPUTA UN SPORTSBicycles, Outfit and Accessories. Bicycles, spare parts, outfit and service. Tours and travels by bike once a year March 2022 (?)
AUTOMECHANICSSpecialized Exhibition for Automotive Repair Tools, Service Equipment, Automotive Parts, Care and Accessories once a year April 2022 (?)
BALTTOURInternational Travel Trade Fair once a year April 2022 (?)
CHILDREN’S WORLD RIGA (BÉRNU PASAULE)International Exhibition of Goods and Services for Children once a year April 2022 (?)
OUTDOOR RIGAInternational Trade Show for Outdoor Adventure and Recreational Activities once a year April 2022 (?)
RIGA INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOWInternational Automobile Exhibition in Riga. An International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA) Calendar event once a year April 2022 (?)
TRANSPORTA TEHNIKAInternational Exhibition and Conference for Transport, Communications and Logistics once a year April 2022 (?)
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