Trade Shows in COEX Exhibition Center
2021 - 2022

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COEX Exhibition Center
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Seoul 135-731 Korea South
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44 Trade Shows in COEX Exhibition Center (Seoul)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
SPOEXSeoul International Sports & Leisure Exhibition. Sports Goods, Fashion, Fitness, Leisure and Outdoor once a year Feb. 2021 (?)
SEMICON KOREAInternational Exposition and Conference dedicated to Semiconductor Equipment, Materials and Services once a year 02/03/2021
3 days
BEFE BABYFAIRExhibition of Baby Products in Korea twice a year 03/04/2021
4 days
AIMEX - AUTOMATION WORLDKorea International Automation Instrumentation & Control System Exhibition once a year 03/10/2021
3 days
AUTOMATION WORLDAIMEX: Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Measurement Exhibitio. ROBOTIS: Seoul International Robot Technology & Intelligent Show
IBS: Seoul International Building System Show
WELTEK: Seoul International Welding & Laser Cutting Technology Show
once a year 03/10/2021
3 days
KIMESKorean International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show once a year 03/18/2021
4 days
FILM TECHNOLOGY SHOWInternational Functional Film Equipment Manufacturers Trade Show. Functional Film, Adhesive Tape, Film Forming, Inspection, Measurement System, Clean Room System & Equipment once a year 03/24/2021
3 days
LED PACKAGING EXPOLED, BLU, Electronic Components Manufacturing Equipment & Materials International Tradeshow once a year 03/24/2021
3 days
SMT / PCB & PACKAGING NEPCON KOREASMT, PCB, FPD, Electronic Components Manufacturing Equipment & Materials Tradeshow once a year 03/24/2021
3 days
SMT/PCB & NEPCON KOREAExhibition for the Electronics Component and Manufacturing Industries once a year 03/24/2021
3 days
COFFEE EXPO SEOULTrade exhibition dedicated to Korea’s coffee industry. Coffee Expo Seoul is the perfect platform to expand your coffee business in South Korea once a year 03/31/2021
3 days
SIEF + PGKInternational Electrical & Nucelar Power Exhibition. SIEF is a specialized exhibition for Wire, Led, Energy Storage, Electric Application, Micro & Smart Grid Operating System, Generation & Nuclear Energy Equipment, Railway Generation & Heavy Machinery once a year 03/31/2021
3 days
KOGOLFKorean exhibition dedicated to Golf. Korea Golf Show (KOGOLF) is the right place and right partner for you to make success in Korea's golf market once a year April 2021 (?)
SIPREMIUM - SEOUL INTERNATIONAL SOURCING FAIRSeoul International Sourcing Fair for Premium, Gift, Stationery & Homeware. SIPREMIUM is Korea’s premier trade show for gifts, household goods and sales promotional items once a year April 2021 (?)
KOREA STUDY ABROAD FAIR - SEOULStudy Abroad & Language Fair twice a year 04/17/2021
2 days
WIS - WORLD IT SHOWTrade Show dedicated to Information Technology once a year 04/21/2021
3 days
INTERNATIONAL LIFT EXPO KOREAInternational Expo for the Lift industry in Korea every 2 years May 2021 (?)
KOBAKorea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show once a year 05/11/2021
3 days
AMK - AUTOTRONICS MANUFACTURING KOREAAMK encompasses the latest automotive electronics and its manufacturing process once a year 05/17/2021
3 days
EMK - ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING KOREAElectronics Manufacturing Exhibition. SMT Manufacturing Equipment & Materials, PCB Assembly Solution, Automotive Manufacturing Equipment & Materials, Mobile Manufacturing Solution, Solar & PV Manufacturing Equipment & Materials, Automation Equipment... once a year 05/17/2021
3 days
GLOBAL NUCLEAR POWER TECHNuclear Power Expo. Nuclear Equipment & Materials, Fuel Supply & Pretreatment System, Instrument, Control, Automation & Monitoring System, Waste & Waste Water Treatment, Cleaning, Radioactivity Measurement, Management & Protection Facility once a year 05/17/2021
3 days
BIO KOREABio & Pharma Industry International Trade Show once a year 06/09/2021
3 days
INTERBATTERY & SMART GRID WEEKKorea's Biggest Technical Show for the Battery Industry once a year 06/09/2021
4 days
SMART FACTORY KOREASmart Factory Expo & Conference. Through the prior simulation and modeling of the entire manufacturing process, the 'Smart Factoty' complements the problems and inputs the optimal cost and time once a year 06/15/2021
1 day
PHOTO & IMAGINGInternational Photo & Imaging Industry Show once a year 06/17/2021
4 days
MK SMART TECH SHOWSmart Technology Exhibition & Conference. MK SMART TECH SHOW showcases Digital Education, Cloud, Big Data, ICT Infra Structure, Mobile Office Ware, Mobile Payment, Smart card, e-wallet service, Internet of Things, Wearable Devices once a year 06/23/2021
3 days
WORLD NUCLEAR & RADIATION EXPO KOREA - NUREWorld Nuclear and Radiation Expo. World Nuclear & Radiation Expo Korea covers 4 themes: Nuclear export & Developing Equipment, Dismantling & Radioactive Waste, Nuclear Medicine / Radiological Equipment, Isotopes & Radiation Equipment once a year 06/23/2021
3 days
KISSKorea International Safety & Health Show once a year July 2021 (?)
ENVEXInternational Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy once a year 07/08/2021
3 days
IN-COSMETICS KOREAIngredients for Cosmetics & Toiletries once a year 07/14/2021
3 days
ELECTRIC POWER TECH KOREAPower Electrics, Power Quality & Network System, Electric Power Facilities & Related Materials once a year 07/28/2021
3 days
KIAFKorean International Art Fair once a year Sept. 2021 (?)
ECO-EXPO KOREAEco-Business Exhibition. Eco-Expo Korea encourages sustainable lifestyles to realize green economy and sustainable development. It is held in parallel with eco-business meetings among suppliers, public procurers and distributors once a year Oct. 2021 (?)
ENERGY KOREAKorean Trade Exhibition dedicated to New & renewable Energies once a year Oct. 2021 (?)
INTRAInternational High-Tech Materials & Application Technology Expo once a year Oct. 2021 (?)
JOINING KOREAKorea Joins (Adhesive, Coating, Film) Technology Fair once a year Oct. 2021 (?)
KOCEMKorea International Ceramic Industry Exhibition once a year Oct. 2021 (?)
EDUCARE & KIDSFAIRChildren targeted exhibition in Korea once a year Nov. 2021 (?)
FOOD WEEK KOREAKorea's Food Industry Most Popular Exhibition once a year Nov. 2021 (?)
JEC ASIAJEC Asia event is the new composite platform for Asia-Pacific once a year Nov. 2021 (?)
SEOUL INTERNATIONAL CAFE SHOWInternational Cafe Show. Coffee, Tea, Bakery, Dessert, Ice-cream, Chocolate, Beverage, Raw Material, Machine & Equipment, Interior, Franchise & Start-up, Kitchen Appliances, Food Service Industry once a year 11/10/2021
4 days
FOOD INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGY SHOW KOREAKorea Food Industry Technology Trade Show once a year 11/24/2021
4 days
HOME·TABLE DECO FAIR - SEOULHOME·TABLE DECO FAIR brings the latest premium home styling trends to the show floor and offers an opportunity to see a variety of luxurious brands once a year Dec. 2021 (?)
INTERCHARM BEAUTY EXPO KOREAKorea International Beauty Expo & International Hair & Scalp Care Expo once a year Dec. 2021 (?)
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