Trade Shows in Grand Hotel Pearl (Zhemchuzhina), Sochi .
2024 - 2025

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Grand Hotel Pearl (Zhemchuzhina), Sochi .
3, Chernomorskaya, st
354002, Sochi Russia
+7 (862) 266-14-89
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6 Trade Shows in Grand Hotel Pearl (Zhemchuzhina), Sochi . (Sochi)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
BEER INTERNATIONAL FORUMBeer International Forum. Beer, raw materials and equipment for brewing, methods of transportation of raw materials and beer. Mini-breweries. Packaging, containers and labels.... International beer and soft drinks competition once a year 05/21/2024
4 days
FESTIVAL OF FOLK CRAFTS AND ARTISTS OF RUSSIAFestival of Folk Crafts and Artists of Russia. Carving & painting on wood, silk, metal. Artistic processing of glass, crystal, ceramics. Painting on leather, birch bark, lacquer. Embroidery, ceramics, porcelain, faience, felt. Artistic metal processing... once a year 06/25/2024
6 days
INTERJEWELLERInternational Exhibition of Jewellery Industry once a year 07/17/2024
5 days
KUBANWholesale and retail trade fair of all types of food and raw materials for their production once a year 12/19/2024
4 days
DRINKS SOCHIInternational Beverage Exhibition. Tasting Competition for Alcoholic Beverages, Wines and Cognac. Beverage Manufacturers Congress once a year 03/20/2025
4 days
FOOD SOCHIExhibition of Food Products. International contest of meat, fish & diary products. Healthy food: eco-friendly products, functional nutrition for health and sports, biological food additives... once a year 03/20/2025
4 days
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