Trade Shows in Inter Expo Center
2020 - 2021

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26 Trade Shows in Inter Expo Center (Sofia)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
MOTOR SHOW SOFIAInternational Specialized Exhibition for Automobiles, Spare Parts and Auto Cosmetics every 2 years 10/11/2019
10 days
AUTOMOTIVE EXPO SOFIABusiness exhibiition for auto parts, service equipment, accessories and consumables unknown 10/15/2019
4 days
SIHREInternational Hotel & Restaurant Equipment Exhibition once a year 01/28/2020
4 days
HOLIDAY & SPA EXPOInternational Tourist Fair once a year 02/13/2020
3 days
ARCHITECTURE BUILDING WEEKInternational business exhibition for energy efficient, ecological and functional construction unknown 02/25/2020
4 days
BULGARIA BUILDING WEEKInternational Building & Construction Exhibition once a year 02/25/2020
4 days
SECURITY EXPO SOFIASafety & Security Expo once a year March 2020 (?)
WATER SOFIAWater procurement, waste waters purifying and treatment, pollution control of fluent and underground waters and environment protection, control equipment for floods and underground waters prevention, maintenance and cleaning of swimming pools... once a year March 2020 (?)
WORLD OF FURNITUREInternational Exhibition for Furniture, Interior Textile and Home Accessories unknown 03/18/2020
4 days
MACHTECH & INNOTECHInternatational Specialised Exhibition on Machines, Technologies & Industrial Equipment once a year 04/06/2020
4 days
EE & RE EXHIBITIONInternational Congress & Exhibition on Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Sources for South-East of Europe once a year 04/07/2020
3 days
SAVE THE PLANETSouth-East European Conference & Exhibition for Waste Management, Recycling, Environment once a year 04/07/2020
3 days
SMART CITIESThe focus of ‘Smart Cities’ Exhibition and Conference dedicated to intelligent transport, building management and automation, ICT technology implementation in the overall urban activity once a year 04/07/2020
3 days
TECHNOMEBELTrade fair for materials, accessories, machines and equipment for the woodworking and furniture industry once a year 04/27/2020
4 days
BULMEDICA / BULDENTALInternational Healthcare Exhibition - Dentistry once a year 05/03/2020
13 days
DERMA & AESTHETICSInternational exhibition for dermatological and aesthetic medicine once a year 05/13/2020
3 days
WORLD TOBACCO EXPO EUROPEGlobal tobacco exhibition every 2 years 06/03/2020
2 days
COPI'SB2b exhibition for printing and advertising industry in Bulgaria once a year Sept. 2020 (?)
ARENA OF BEAUTYNational hairdressing, cosmetics, manicure, pedicure, SPA & Wellness exhibition once a year 10/09/2020
3 days
BEGE EXPOExpo devoted to Equipment and services in the field of Entertainment Business and Leisure Industry once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
BULPEKInternational Specialized Exhibition for Bread and Confectionery Production once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
EASTERN EUROPEAN GAMING SUMMIT(EEGS)Intetrnational conference on online gaming. Held alongside the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE), the Eastern European Gaming Summit brings together experts from gaming industry to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the Balkans once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
INTERFOOD & DRINK BULGARIAInternational Food & Drink Exhibition once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
MEATMANIAInternational exhibition for meat and meat products once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
SALON DU VINInternational exhibition for wines and spirits once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
THE WORLD OF MILKInternational exhibition for milk and dairy products once a year Nov. 2020 (?)
Be aware that all dates are subject to changes. Please contact the organizer before making any arrangement.
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