Trade Shows in Estonian Fairs Centre
2023 - 2024

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Estonian Fairs Centre
Pirita tee 28
10127 Tallinn Estonia
+372 613 7337
+372 613 7447
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5 Trade Shows in Estonian Fairs Centre (Tallinn)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
BEAUTY WORLDInternational Trade Fair for Cosmetics, Hairdressing, Style, Fashion, Lingerie and Bijouterie twice a year Sept. 2023
INSTRUTECTallinn International Fair for Production Development, Production Engineering, Tooling, Subcontracting and Maintenance once a year 10/12/2023
3 days
TOURESTInternational Tourism Fair once a year 02/08/2024
3 days
BOAT & RECREATION TALLINNBoat & Recreation Show once a year March 2024 (?)
ESTBUILDInternational Building Fair. The International building fair Estbuild focuses on presentation of innovative technologies, building constructions, -materials, -machinery and tools once a year April 2024 (?)
Prenez garde ! Toutes les dates sont sujettes à changement. Prenez contact avec l'organisateur avant d'entreprendre tout déplacement.
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