Trade Shows in Estonian Fairs Centre
2022 - 2023

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8 Trade Shows in Estonian Fairs Centre (Tallinn)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
BEAUTY WORLDInternational Trade Fair for Cosmetics, Hairdressing, Style, Fashion, Lingerie and Bijouterie twice a year 05/06/2022
3 days
INSTRUTECTallinn International Fair for Production Development, Production Engineering, Tooling, Subcontracting and Maintenance every 2 years 09/07/2022
3 days
TALLINN FOOD FAIRFood Show once a year 09/29/2022
3 days
TOURESTInternational Tourism Fair once a year 02/09/2023
3 days
BOAT & RECREATION TALLINNBoat & Recreation Show once a year 03/10/2023
3 days
AIANDUSFurniture, interior and design Trade Show. Ideas and inspiration for furnishing, decoration or renovation of home, summer cottage and office, also various other interesting aspects in the field of interior once a year April 2023 (?)
ESTBUILDInternational Building Fair. The International building fair Estbuild focuses on presentation of innovative technologies, building constructions, -materials, -machinery and tools once a year April 2023 (?)
GARDENING & LANDSCAPINGHome & Gardening Exhibition once a year April 2023 (?)
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