Trade Shows in Uzexpocentre
2019 - 2020

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31 Trade Shows in Uzexpocentre (Tashkent)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
TEXTILE EXPO UZBEKISTANUzbekistan International Exhibition of Textile, Textile Machinery and Production Technologies once a year 09/11/2019
3 days
PACKTEK UZBEKISTANInternational Exhibition of Packaging and Production Equipment every 6 years 09/25/2019
3 days
PLASTEX UZBEKISTANInternational Plastics and Rubber Exhibition. PLASTEX UZBEKISTAN is an International Specialized Exhibition for Raw Materials, Equipment and Plastic Production Technologies once a year 09/25/2019
3 days
UZMEDEXPOInternational Specialized Exhibition of Medicine once a year 09/25/2019
3 days
UZENERGYEXPOInternational Specialized Exhibition for Power Engineering, Energy Saving Technologies & Electrical Engineering once a year Oct. 2019 (?)
UZSTROYEXPOInternational exhibition of Construction, Heating and ventilation Systems, Water Supply, Water Purification, Sanitary once a year 10/23/2019
3 days
MACHINERY CENTRAL ASIAProfessional Trade Show for the Metallurgy, Machine building, Machine Tool Manufacture and Production Automation Industry once a year Nov. 2019 (?)
MCA - MACHINERY CENTRAL ASIACentral Asian International Exhibition on Machinery, Engineering and Automation every 2 years Nov. 2019 (?)
TRANS UZBEKISTANTransport & Logistics Exhibition once a year Nov. 2019 (?)
MINING WORLD UZBEKISTANUzbekistan International Mining Exhibition once a year 11/05/2019
3 days
AGRITEK UZBEKISTANInternational Exhibition for Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry & Stock Breeding. Agritek Uzbekistan features Agricultural technology & Supplies, Animal Husbandry & Stock Breeding, Horticulture Technology & Supplies once a year 11/06/2019
3 days
FOODWEEK UZBEKISTANInternational Exhibition of Food and Drinks, Food Processing, Packaging Technologies & Agricultural Technologies once a year 11/06/2019
3 days
INTERPACKEXPOInternational Exhibition on Technologies and Equipment for the Packaging Industry and Warehousing once a year 11/27/2019
3 days
UZAGROEXPOInternational Agricultural Exhibition once a year 11/27/2019
3 days
UZPRODEXPOInternational Exhibition of Food Industry and Foodstuff once a year 11/27/2019
3 days
AQUA-THERM TASHKENTInternational Exhibition of Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning, Water Supply, Sanitary, Environmental Technology, Swimming Pool and Renewable Energies once a year 02/25/2020
4 days
WORLDBUILD TASHKENTInternational Building & Construction Exhibition. Interiors, Heat and Vent once a year 02/25/2020
4 days
UZCHEMPLASTEXPOInternational Specialized Exhibition for Chemistry, Plastics, Laboratory, Analytics once a year March 2020 (?)
UZMETAL - MASHEXPOInternational Specialized Exhibition of Metal Working, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Equipment once a year March 2020 (?)
UZMININGEXPOInternational Specialized Exhibition of Technologies & Equipment for Mining Industry once a year March 2020 (?)
UZSECUREInternational exhibition of Indusrtrial Safety and Fire Protection once a year March 2020 (?)
UZTECHTRANSEXPOInternational exhibition of Special Equipment, Transport and Logistics Services once a year March 2020 (?)
AGRO WORLD UZBEKISTANUzbekistan International Agriculture Exhibition. AGRO WORLD UZBEKISTAN’s mission is to provide a platform for efficient communication between agrarians leaders of processing equipment and agricultural machinery sectors industries expe once a year 03/11/2020
3 days
STOMATOLOGY UZBEKISTANTashkent International Dental Forum & Exhibition once a year April 2020 (?)
WORLD FOOD UZBEKISTANInternational Food Exhibition once a year 04/01/2020
3 days
TIHE UZBEKISTANInternational Healthcare Exhibition once a year 04/21/2020
3 days
MEBELEXPO UZBEKISTANUzbekistan International Exhibition of Furniture and Production Technologies once a year 04/29/2020
3 days
GLOBAL OIL & GAS UZBEKISTANUzbekistan International Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference once a year 05/13/2020
3 days
POWER UZBEKISTANUzbekistan International Exhibition "Energy, Energy saving, Electrotechnical equipment, Information and measuring equipment, Cables, Lighting, and Modern technologies in electric energy" once a year 05/13/2020
3 days
CAITMECentral Asian International Textile Machinery Exhibition every 2 years 09/09/2020
3 days
CAIPSCentral Asian Fire Protection & Security Exhibition every 2 years Nov. 2020 (?)
Be aware that all dates are subject to changes. Please contact the organizer before making any arrangement.
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