Trade Shows in Parc des expositions du Kram
2021 - 2022

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Parc des expositions du Kram
2015 Le Kram
Tunis Tunisia
+216 71 730 111 - 71 731 111
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23 Trade Shows in Parc des expositions du Kram (Tunis)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
SALON DE LA CRÉATION ARTISANALEThe Handicraft Exhibition is the place to discover the great wealth of Tunisian heritage, the diversity of products handmade by Tunisian artisans and designers once a year 10/01/2021
10 days
SIAMAPInternational Show of Agriculture, Agricultural Machinery & Fishing every 2 years 10/26/2021
6 days
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DU LIVRE DE TUNISInternational Book Fair of Tunis once a year 11/12/2021
10 days
TUNISIA ART FAIRTunisia Art Fair once a year 11/19/2021
5 days
SALON INTERNATIONAL DES COMPOSANTS AUTOMOBILESInternational Exhibition of Automotive Components and Accessories once a year 11/24/2021
3 days
PACK PRINT TUNISIA - SALON INTERNATIONAL DE L’EMBALLAGE ET DE L’IMPRIMERIEInternational Printing & Packaging Fair every 2 years 11/30/2021
4 days
PLASTIC EXPO - SALON INTERNATIONAL DU PLASTIQUEInternational Plastic and Rubber Exhibition every 2 years 11/30/2021
4 days
DAR DECO - SALON DE LA DÉCORATION ET DU DESIGNHome Design, Furniture & Luminary Exhibition. Dardéco exhibition, for the general public and professionals, has attracted during last editions an average of 120 exhibitors and 40000 visitors per session twice a year 12/17/2021
10 days
FESTIVAL DE LA PORCELAINEPorcelain Housewares Exhibition once a year 12/17/2021
10 days
FOIRE DU TAPIS ET DES TISSAGES TRADITIONNELSFair of carpets and traditional weavings once a year 12/17/2021
10 days
SENA - SECURITY EXPO NORTH AFRICASENA presents the latest technologies and innovations in Commercial Security, Smart Home, Fire Protection and Rescue, Safety & Health, Peripheral Security, Physical Security, Computer Security, Territorial Security... every 2 years Feb. 2022 (?)
LAB EXPO TUNISIALaboratory Expo. Life Sciences and Public Health, Scientific Research, Biotechnology, Food Industry, Environment, Mining and Industry, Civil Engineering, Chemicals and Petrochemicals every 2 years March 2022 (?)
TUNISIA HEALTH EXPOTunisia Health Expo every 2 years March 2022 (?)
BOAT SHOWTunisia Boat Show once a year April 2022 (?)
TUNISIA SPA EXPOSpa, Hydrotherapy, Thalassotherapy and Wellness Trade Show once a year April 2022 (?)
SALON DU MEUBLE DE TUNISFurniture Fair of Tunis. The Tunis Furniture Fair presents the products of all branches of the furniture sector in Tunisia: modern and contemporary furniture, rustic and traditional furniture and wrought iron furniture once a year May 2022 (?)
SALON PROFESSIONNEL DE LA CONSTRUCTION ET DU BÂTIMENT « CARTHAGE »International Exhibition of Construction and Building every 2 years 05/25/2022
5 days
SITIC AFRICASITIC AFRICA is an International platform for business in Digital that serves to raise awareness on the Tunisian, African and Western IT offer once a year June 2022 (?)
SIATInternational Agricultural Investment and Technology Fair every 2 years Oct. 2022 (?)
CLIMEXPOTrade show bringing together outstanding professional sectors, refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, regulation and ventilation every 2 years April 2023 (?)
HYDRAMEDMediterranean Fair for the treatment and optimal management of water every 2 years April 2023 (?)
SIED EXPOInternational Renewable Energy Trade Show every 2 years April 2023 (?)
SIETInternational Textile Equipment Exhibition. Machinery and equipment for making, weaving, finishing, spinning and hosiery every 3 years Nov. 2023 (?)
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