Trade Shows in Zagreb Fair
2021 - 2022

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Zagreb Fair
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21 Trade Shows in Zagreb Fair (Zagreb)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
BUILDING ZAGREBInternational Fair of Construction and Equipping every 2 years April 2021postponed !
GREEN BUILDINGInternational Sustainable Building Fair every 2 years April 2021postponed !
INTERGRAFIKAInternational Printing and Paper Industry Fair every 2 years 05/26/2021
3 days
MODERNPAKInternational Packing Materials and Packing Technology Fair every 2 years 05/26/2021
3 days
INTERLIBERInternational Fair of Books and the Teaching Appliances once a year 09/28/2021
6 days
AMBIENTAInternational Furniture, Interior Decoration and Supporting Industry Fair once a year 10/13/2021
5 days
INOVACroatian Salon of Innovations with International Participation once a year 11/10/2021
4 days
CROAGROInternational Fair of Agriculture, Agricultural Equipment and Machinery once a year 12/01/2021
5 days
FOOD & HEALTHY LIVING FAIRSFood and Healthy Living Fair once a year 12/02/2021
4 days
HUNTING AND FISHING EQUIPMENT FAIRHunting and Fishing Equipment Fair once a year Feb. 2022 (?)
NAUTIKA - ZAGREB BOAT SHOWZagreb International Boat Show once a year Feb. 2022 (?)
OLIVE FESTIVALOlive Festival every 2 years Feb. 2022 (?)
ZAGREB BOAT SHOWZabreb Boat Show will present world producers of boats, yachts, sailing boats, speedboats, scooters, kayaks, dinghies, marine engines and outboard motors, clothing and footwear, equipment and accessories for diving, fishing, sailing and other water sports once a year Feb. 2022 (?)
BEAUTY & HAIR EXPOInternational Fair of Cosmetics, Accessories and Equipment for Hairstylist and Cosmetic Salons once a year March 2022 (?)
ZAGREB AUTO SHOWInternational Salon of Automobiles, Motorcycles and Supporting Industry every 2 years March 2022 (?)
ENERGETIKA - INTERKLIMAInternational Fair of HVAC Technology, Drinking Water Treatment and Renewable Energy once a year April 2022 (?)
ZAGREB CRAFTS FAIRZagreb Crafts Fair once a year April 2022 (?)
RIGHT AGESenior Fair once a year May 2022 (?)
DENTEX ZAGREBInternational Dental Medicine Fair every 2 years Sept. 2022 (?)
BIAMInternational Machine Tools and Tool Fair every 2 years Oct. 2022 (?)
WELDING ZAGREBInternational Welding and Welded Constructions Fair every 2 years Oct. 2022 (?)
Prenez garde ! Toutes les dates sont sujettes à changement. Prenez contact avec l'organisateur avant d'entreprendre tout déplacement.
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