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Exhibition Name Cycle Venue Date
FÊTE DES VIOLETTES DE TOURRETTES-SUR-LOUPThe Violet Festival announces the end of the season for producers. Thanks to its flower parade and its floats entirely covered in flowers and created by enthusiasts and associations, it has become a real institution unknown Tourrettes-sur-Loup 03/02/2024
2 days
FLOREVENTFlorEvent is the leading trade show for florists, plant professionals, events and decoration in France unknown Bordeaux Le Hangar 14 03/10/2024
2 days
FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DES JARDINS DE CHAUMONT-SUR-LOIREChaumont-sur-Loire International Festival of Gardens and Landscape Creation. Since 1992, this Festival has been a laboratory for contemporary creation in the field of gardens and landscape design throughout the world once a year Chaumont-sur-Loire Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire 04/24/2024
194 days
FLORALIES INTERNATIONALESPrestigious floral event taking place in Nantes every 5 years. The Floralies Internationales has been inviting visitors since 1956 to discover ornamental scenes develop by professionals and passionate amateurs from all over France and around the world every 5 years Montréverd Domaine de la Chabotterie en Vendée 05/17/2024
10 days
TERRES EN FÊTE1er salon agricole au nord de Paris, 'Terres en Fête' est le rendez-vous agricole des Hauts-de-France every 2 years Tilloy-lès-Mofflaines 06/07/2024
3 days
MELON EN FÊTEDuring the Melon Féria in Cavaillon, the melon capital, books, paintings, archives, recipes, everything related to melon is present for two days through large banquets, tastings, tourist circuits, exhibitions once a year Cavaillon 07/06/2024
2 days
FIERA DI L'ALIVUOlive and Olive Oil Fair in Corsica. "A FIERA DI L'ALIVU" works for rural development, promoting scientific achievements and new economic technologies. For the recovery and preservation of Corsican olive-growing landscapes once a year Montegrosso 07/20/2024
2 days
FIERA DI L'AMANDULUCorsican Fair of the almond tree and its by-products. "FIERA DI L'AMANDULU" gives back its letters of nobility to the almond tree through its culture, its paintings, its music and its gastronomy. Many animations once a year Aregno 08/02/2024
3 days
FOIRE DE LA LATIÈRECreated since time immemorial, the Latière fair brings together more than 10, 000 people in the middle of hectares of forest. The La Latière fair is an atypical fair where animals, local products, garden centers, vehicles, funfairs... twice a year Saint Aulaye-Puymangou Sept. 2024
SALON DU VÉGÉTALProfessional Show in France for the Horticultural Chain once a year Angers Angers Parc Expo 09/10/2024
3 days
FESTA DI U FICUFair dedicated to Fig in Corsica. The work carried out on the various varieties known in Corsica and the origin of the establishment of the fig on the island feed the technical part of the "FESTA DI U FICU" once a year Peri 09/14/2024
2 days
FÊTE DES PLANTES DE SAINT-JEAN DE BEAUREGARDThis meeting aims to support the work of the best nursery growers and artisans in the garden world and to promote it to the general public. A unique meeting place for all garden enthusiasts, experts and amateurs alike twice a year Saint-Jean de Beauregard Château de Saint-Jean de Beauregard 09/27/2024
3 days
NOVAFLEURAnnual national meeting of professionals in the flower industry and florist artisans once a year Tours Parc des expositions de Tours 09/29/2024
2 days
FOIRE TEILLOUSE - GRANDE FOIRE AUX MARRONSFoire aux marrons de Redon (Bretagne) once a year Redon Oct. 2024 (?)
FOLIE'FLOREFlower Festival + Fruit & Vegetable Commercial Fair once a year Mulhouse Mulhouse - Parc des Expositions 10/03/2024
11 days
ENTRE COURS ET JARDINSNursery horticulturists, florists, musicians, puppeteers, visual artists and decorative architects offer you a sensory and festive journey in the city of Le Mans. The plant and floral world rivals heritage once a year Le Mans 10/12/2024
2 days
INNOPAYSATrade fair for landscape and green spaces every 2 years Biarritz Halle d'Iraty 11/07/2024
2 days
VINITECH - SIFELInternational Trade Show for the Wine, Fruit and Vegetable Production Sectors every 2 years Bordeaux Parc des expositions de Bordeaux-Lac 11/26/2024
3 days
FIERA DI A CASTAGNAThe Corsican village of Bocognano welcomes you to the "Fiera di a castagna", dedicated to chestnuts and the chestnut tradition. Renovate the chestnut grove, modernize processing, create added value, professionalize an ex-subsistence economy once a year Bocognano 12/06/2024
3 days
SIVALInterprofessional exhibition of viticultural, horticultural, arboreal and vegetable techniques once a year Angers Angers Parc Expo Jan. 2025 (?)
FÊTE DU CITRONAt the "Menton Lemon Festival" (Fête du Citron), come and experience the Golden Fruit Corsos and Nocturnal Corsos (parades of floats made of citrus fruits and led by groups), admire the exhibition of citrus motifs. Also, Crafts Fair and Orchid Festival once a year Menton Feb. 2025 (?)
ORCHIDAYSInternational Exhibition of Orchids and Exceptional Plants. Great Exhibition and sale of Orchids, Vanilla, Carnivorous, Tropical, above-ground and Mimosa pPlants once a year ? Feb. 2025 (?)
SALON EXTÉRIEURS JARDINGardening and Landscaping Fair. Immerse yourself in the world of the garden to celebrate the arrival of sunny days and spring once a year Mulhouse Mulhouse - Parc des Expositions 03/07/2025
3 days
JOURNEES DES COLLECTIONS JARDINTrade Show for Gardening professionnals. The "Journées des Collections Jardin" are Business Meetings where Garden AND DIY buyers come to meet their suppliers and take advantage from this special occasion to establish new partnerships once a year Marseille Parc Chanot 03/25/2025
3 days
MEDFELEuro-Mediterranean Fruit & Vegetable International Business Trade Fair once a year Perpignan Parc des congrès et des expositions de Perpignan April 2025 (?)
SALON DU JARDIN & FÊTE DES PLANTESFair dedicated to Garden and the layout of outdoor living spaces. Create your garden environment, organize the flowers, set up a water basin, a swimming pool, a terrace, a pergola... once a year Strasbourg Hippodrome de Strasbourg - Hoerdt April 2025 (?)
SITEVIInternational Trade Exhibition of Equipment and Techniques for Vine and Fruit-Growing and Wine-making Sectors every 2 years Montpellier Montpellier - Parc des Expositions 11/25/2025
3 days
PAYSALIALandscape, garden and sport exhibition. Paysalia welcomes 450 exhibitors from all backgrounds: plant production, maintenance, materials, equipment and supplies, soils and environment, equipment, water, irrigation, design, services every 2 years Lyon Eurexpo 12/02/2025
3 days
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