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Exhibition Name Cycle Venue Date
JOURNÉES D'OCTOBREGastronomy and Fruit & Vegetable Commercial Fair once a year Mulhouse Mulhouse - Parc des Expositions 10/03/2019
11 days
FOIRE DE MONTLUÇONTrade Fair of Montluçon once a year Montluçon Cimexpo - Parc des expositions de Montluçon 10/05/2019
9 days
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE MONTPELLIERMontpellier international Fair once a year Montpellier Montpellier - Parc des Expositions 10/11/2019
11 days
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE ET GASTRONOMIQUE DE DIJONInternational Fair and Gastronomy Fair of Dijon once a year Dijon Parc des Expositions et Congrès de Dijon 10/31/2019
12 days
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE GRENOBLEInternational Fair of Grenoble. Home and garden, Automobiles, Shopping, Gastronomy, leisure and local life once a year Grenoble Alpexpo 11/01/2019
11 days
MARCHÉ DE NOËL DE CAENChristmas Fair of Caen once a year Caen Parc des expositions de Caen 11/30/2019
32 days
ALESPO - FOIRE D'ALÈSAlès Fair. Home, garden & Leisure once a year Alès Parc des expositions d'Alès Jan. 2020 (?)
FOIRE DE NÎMESFair of Nîmes. The fair of Nîmes proposes a rich and varied commercial offer in many domains such as the habitat, the gastronomy, the leisures, the well-being, the household articles, the automobile, the motor-homes and many others once a year Nîmes Parc des expositions de Nîmes 02/21/2020
4 days
FOIRE EXPO DU PAYS DE MONTBÉLIARDExhibition of various activities represented by local companies from the region of Maontbéliard. Habitat, furnishing and decoration, gastronomy and restoration, well-being and leisure once a year Montbéliard Axone Montbeliard March 2020 (?)
FOIRE-EXPOSITION DE NEVERSTrade Fair of Nevers once a year Nevers Centre des Expositions de Nevers March 2020 (?)
FOIRE-EXPOSITION D'ORLÉANSOrléans Trade Fair once a year Orleans Parc des expositions d'Orléans March 2020 (?)
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE NICEInternational Fair of Nice once a year Nice Palais des Expositions de Nice 03/07/2020
10 days
FOIRE EXPO DE NEVERSNevers Trade Fair once a year Nevers Centre des Expositions de Nevers 03/14/2020
9 days
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE LYONInternational Fair of Lyon. The International Fair of Lyon, a leading trade event for many companies, a recreational place & a world of exhibitors here to help you equip yourselves, feast, with your well bieng & Lifestyle, your Travels, relooking & more once a year Lyon Eurexpo 03/20/2020
11 days
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE ROUENInternational Fair of Rouen once a year Rouen Parc des expositions de Rouen 03/20/2020
10 days
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE RENNESInternational Fair of Rennes. Furniture, Home, Garden, Caravanning, Gastronomy, Agriculture... once a year Rennes Parc-Expo de Rennes-Aéroport 03/21/2020
9 days
FOIRE D'AVIGNONFair of Avignon. More than 350 exhibitors will be gathered around the themes of housing, furnishing, decoration, gastronomy, well-being, automobiles, motorhomes... once a year Avignon Parc des expositions - Avignon Sud April 2020 (?)
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE NANTESInternational Fair of Nantes. The Nantes International Fair is organized around four themes and presents the latest trends in home furnishings, landscaping, French and Foreign Crafts, Gastronomy once a year Nantes Exponantes - La Beaujoire April 2020 (?)
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE TOULOUSEToulouse International Fair once a year Toulouse Parc des expositions de Toulouse 04/18/2020
10 days
FOIRE EXPOSITION D'ANGERSAngers General Fair. Home, gardening, food, tourism & leasure, wellness once a year Angers Angers Parc Expo 04/23/2020
5 days
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE PARISInternational Fair of Paris. Home & Habitat, Craft and Culture of the World and Well-being, Fashion and Accessories, Leisure & Practical Life, Wines & Gastronomy once a year Paris Paris Expo Porte de Versailles 04/30/2020
12 days
FOIRE COMTOISE BESANÇONTrade Fair of Besançon once a year Besancon Parc des expositions de Besançon - Micropolis May 2020 (?)
FOIRE DE MAI - METZOne of the largest funfairs in eastern France once a year Metz Metz - Centre International des Congrès et Foires Expositions May 2020 (?)
FOIRE DE ST-AMAND-MONTRONDTrade Fair of St-Amand-Montrond once a year St-Amand-Montrond Halle Samexpo May 2020 (?)
FOIRE DE TOURSTours Fair once a year Tours Parc des expositions de Tours 05/01/2020
10 days
FOIRE EXPO INTERNATIONALE DE NANCYInternational Trade Fair of Nancy once a year Nancy Parc des Expositions de Nancy May 2020 (?)
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE LA HAUTE-SAVOIE MONT-BLANCInternational Fair of Haute-Savoie. More than 500 exhibitors present the latest trends in home improvement, furniture, outdoor, crafts, decoration, DIY, gastronomy, leisure, automotive, well-being... once a year La Roche-sur-Foron Parc des expositions de la Foire de la Haute-Savoie Mont-Blanc May 2020 (?)
GAP FOIRE EXPOFair of Gap once a year Gap Parc de La Pépinière - Gap May 2020 (?)
FOIRE-EXPO DE CHOLETThe Fair of Cholet covers the following themes: Habitat, garden, motorcycle, crafts, gastronomy, wine, smart products, well-being... And of course 4 days of continuous animation! once a year Cholet Parc des expositions de la Meilleraie - Cholet 05/14/2020
4 days
FOIR’EXPO DE MULHOUSEFair of Mulhouse once a year Mulhouse Mulhouse - Parc des Expositions 05/15/2020
10 days
FOIRES DE CHAMPAGNECommercial Fair once a year Troyes Parc des Expositions de Troyes - Le Cube 05/30/2020
9 days
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE BORDEAUXInternational Fair of Bordeaux once a year Bordeaux Parc des expositions de Bordeaux-Lac June 2020 (?)
FOIRE EXPOSITION DE PICARDIEInternational Fair of Picardy once a year Amiens MégaCité 06/06/2020
9 days
FOIRE EXPOSITION DE LA ROCHELLELa Rochelle Annual Fair once a year La Rochelle Parc des expositions de La Rochelle Aug. 2020 (?)
FOIRE D'AGENFair of Agen once a year Agen Parc des expositions d'Agen Sept. 2020 (?)
FOIRE DE BÉRÉ - CHÂTEAUBRIANTTrade Fair of Béré - Châteaubriant once a year Châteaubriant Foire de Béré Sept. 2020 (?)
FOIRE DE PAUFair of Pau once a year Pau Foire Expositions de Pau Sept. 2020 (?)
FOIRE DE SAVOIEFair of Savoy. Home, Garden, Shopping, Multimedia, Leisure, Services... once a year Chambery Savoiexpo - Parc des expositions de Chambery Sept. 2020 (?)
FOIRE DE ST-LOUISCommercial Fair in Saint-Louis (Alsace) once a year Saint-Louis Forum - Saint-Louis Sept. 2020 (?)
FOIRE DU DAUPHINÉ - ROMANSFair of Dauphiné - Romans once a year Romans-sur-Isère Foire du Dauphiné Sept. 2020 (?)
FOIRE DU MANSFair of Le Mans once a year Le Mans Centre des expositions du Mans Sept. 2020 (?)
FOIRE EXPO RÉGIONALE DE DOUAITrade Fair of Douai once a year Douai Parc des Expositions du Rivage Gayant Sept. 2020 (?)
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE CAENInternational Fair of Caen once a year Caen Parc des expositions de Caen Sept. 2020 (?)
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE CLERMONT-COURNONInternational Fair of Clermont-Cournon once a year Clermont-Ferrand Grande Halle d'Auvergne Sept. 2020 (?)
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE MARSEILLEMarseille International Fair once a year Marseille Parc Chanot Sept. 2020 (?)
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE METZInternational Fair of Metz once a year Metz Metz - Centre International des Congrès et Foires Expositions Sept. 2020 (?)
FOIRE INTERNATIONALE DE SAINT-ÉTIENNEInternational Trade Fair of Saint-Étienne once a year Saint-Étienne Parc Expo de Saint-Etienne Sept. 2020 (?)
FOIRE-EXPOSITION DE VERDUNTrade Fair of Verdun once a year Verdun Verdun Expo Meuse Sept. 2020 (?)
FOIREXPO DU MORBIHANMorbihan (West France) Fair once a year Vannes Le Chorus, Parc des expositions Sept. 2020 (?)
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