Trade Shows in Intex Osaka
2020 - 2021

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25 Trade Shows in Intex Osaka (Osaka)
Exhibition Name Cycle Date
DMS OSAKA - DESIGN ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS EXPO / CONFERENCEDesign Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo / Conference Kansai. Trade Show and Conference on IT Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry once a year 10/07/2020
3 days
FILM EXPOHighly-functional Film Technology Expo. Film Expo JAPAN gather all kinds of manufacturing and processing technologies related to highly-functional films unknown 10/07/2020
3 days
FILMTECH OSAKAHighly-functional Film Technology Expo once a year 10/07/2020
3 days
METAL JAPAN - HIGHLY-FUNCTIONAL METAL EXPOHighly-functional Metal Expo twice a year 10/07/2020
3 days
METAL OSAKA - HIGHLY-FUNCTIONAL METAL EXPO OSAKAInternational Metal Industry Expo. METAL OSAKA is a specialised exhibition in Osaka featuring raw materials (aluminum, copper, titanium, magnesium, noble metals, steel, etc.) processing machines, analysis/inspection equipment, recycling technologies once a year 10/07/2020
3 days
M-TECH OSAKA - MECHANICAL COMPONENTS & MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY EXPOMechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo once a year 10/07/2020
3 days
PLASTIC OSAKAExhibition specialised in highly-functional plastics & composites once a year 10/07/2020
3 days
BEAUTYWORLD JAPAN WESTInternational Trade Fair for Cosmetics, Perfumery, Toiletries, Hairdressers and Health Care once a year 10/19/2020
3 days
JIAM - JAPAN INTERNATIONAL APPAREL MACHINERY TRADE SHOWJapan International Apparel Machinery Trade Show every 4 years 11/30/2020
4 days
CLOUD COMPUTING EXPO OSAKA (CLOUD OSAKA)International exhibition for cloud computing products and services. d Computing Expo (CLOUD Osaka) gathers all kinds of cloud computing products and services such as Cloud Computing Infrastructure, Security Solutions, Cloud SaaS Applications once a year Jan. 2021 (?)
EMBEDDED SYSTEMS EXPO (ESEC OSAKA)International Embedded Systems Exhibition. Embedded Systems Expo (ESEC Osaka) features Micro Processors/DSP/Hardware, EDA/System Design Tools, Development Support Tools once a year Jan. 2021 (?)
MOBILE SOLUTIONS EXPO (MOBIX OSAKA)International Mobile Solutions Trade Expo. Mobile Solutions Expo (MOBIX Osaka) showcases GPS services, Smartphones, Mobiles, Terminals, TabletPCs, Handy Terminals, Peripheral Devices, Mobile Software, Middleware, Mobile Applications Development once a year Jan. 2021 (?)
INFORMATION SECURITY EXPO (IST OSAKA)Information Security related Products & Services Expo. Information Security Expo (IST Osaka) features Information Protection, Internal Intrusion Protection, Hacking & DoS Prevention, Fraud / WEB Defacing / Eavesdropping Prevention, Anti-Virus solutions once a year 01/27/2021
3 days
IOT/M2M EXPO (IOT/M2M OSAKA)International exhibition for IoT (Internet of Things)/M2M (Machine to Machine) related products & services. IOT/M2M EXPO (IOT/M2M OSAKA) features IoT/M2M Solutions, M2M Modules/Devices, M2M Device Components, Sensor Network Technology, Measuring Devices once a year 01/27/2021
3 days
WEB & DIGITAL MARKETING EXPO (WEB-MO OSAKA)International Digital Marketing & Web Services Expo. Web-Mo Osaka showcases SEM/SEO Solutions, Search Engine Solutions, Access Analysis Tools & Services, Web/Mobile CMS Tools & Services, Website Building Consulting Services once a year 01/27/2021
3 days
AGRI WORLDInternational Agricultural Material & Technology Expo once a year 02/24/2021
3 days
INTERPHEX OSAKAInternational Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Detergent Manufacturing Technology Expo and Conference once a year 02/24/2021
3 days
MEDIX OSAKA - MEDICAL DEVICE DEVELOPMENT & MANUFACTURING EXPOMedical Device Development & Manufacturing Expo once a year 02/24/2021
3 days
MOBAC SHOWEvent dedicated to New Generation Technologies for Bakery and Confectionery related Industry every 2 years 03/09/2021
4 days
BATTERY OSAKAInternational Rechargeable Battery Expo once a year Sept. 2021 (?)
BIOMASS EXPO OSAKAInternational Biomass power generation systems, technologies, materials and services Expo once a year Sept. 2021 (?)
PV EXPO OSAKAInternational Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo once a year Sept. 2021 (?)
SMART GRID EXPO - OSAKAJapan's largest show for Electricity Retail Business & Smart Grid Expo once a year Sept. 2021 (?)
WORLD SMART ENERGY WEEK - OSAKAThe world’s largest-scale international B-to-B exhibition & conference covering a wide range of cutting-edge products & technologies from diverse energy industries once a year Sept. 2021 (?)
ZHEJIANG EXPORT FAIR FAIR OSAKAChinese Export Fair in Osaka. Approximately 200 companies join abroad the event, and exhibit a variety of items to the Japanese market, such as clothes, textiles, or daily consumer goods with full of ideas which are produced only in Zhejiang province once a year Sept. 2021 (?)
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